Everybody always wants to be the fantastic parents in the children’s eyes. All parents always want to hold the children in their arms and take care of them by all of their abilities. However, allowing children do what they want is one of the good tips that the intelligent parents apply in their life. Because the intelligent parents know that they are not only a teacher but also a friend and a guide of their children.


Let’s see the 11 different things below. You will recognize that the intelligent parents teach their children in the special ways. They will not be forced their children do everything. They will treat their children like the friends and share with them all the problems as well as guide them how to solve these problems by children’s own ways.

Normal parents

Intelligent parents

They spend all their time for the children and never leave their children alone for even few minutes.

They take care of themselves and are the example for their children. They teach their children how to love and take care of themselves.

Parents think that they are their teacher.

Parents understand their task is not just a friend but a guide for their children.

They ask and teach the children to do everything the children need to do.

They explain for the children to understand why they have to do that and not to do that.

They ask their children to keep the promise.

They teach the children how to keep the promise because the children often forget everything.

They solve the problems of children such as a broken vase or windows.

They solve the root of the problems as searching the reasons and root of the problems is easier to solve this.

They answer all the questions of the children.

As they are not the dictionary, they will guide the children to find their own answers.

They often blame their children by some sentence like “you are not brain storm at all”.

They often support the children have thought again and do it again for the better results.

They always talk about someone as an example.

They understand that confident is the key to open the successful door. Therefore, they encourage the children to be themselves.

They always protect the children from the difficult things and problems.

They allow their children to make mistakes sometimes as they know the children can learn some lessons from the mistakes.

They often said that “you can not do that”.

They usually explant to the children about the results if the children do that instead of not allowing the children do that without any explanation.

They always try to become to best parents.

They always try to open and be themselves with the children. They do not try to become the perfect parents.

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