There are hundreds of themes for baby showers, and perhaps the perfect theme lies somewhere in the region of your imagination. For instance, if the mother-to-be is addicted to reading tabloid magazines, you might want to throw a shower that features a collage of celebrity babies. If she is into astrology, you might want to consider having the baby's chart done or visiting a site on the Internet that helps you name a star for the baby. I personally have thrown an all black baby shower, for an eccentric young mom, who wanted her child dressed in leather. If the mom has a theme in mind, then you are one lucky hostess indeed! If she doesn't you can always browse through this compendium of the most popular themes and see if any of them suits the situation or her personal style.


The Teddy Bear Shower

The Teddy Bear Shower encourages guests to bring a stuffed toy as a gift for the mother-to-be. Sometimes, a bear with a zipper side closure will be bought and money and/or gift certificates are stuffed inside to present to the mother.


In this case it is desirable to encourage guests to bring clothing, linen, and baby dinnerware decorated with teddy bear as gifts.

A cake is baked in the shape of a teddy bear and sometimes, the guests will sit on the floor on a checkered tablecloth to engage in a Teddy Bear's Picnic. Round cookies can also be attached and iced to look like Teddy Bears.

Flowers such as daisies or chrysanthemums suit a Teddy Bear shower.

Gummy bears tied with a pink or blue net make a nice party favor for guests to take home. Gummy bears can also be used to decorate a cake.

A more elaborate take home gift is a teddy bear inside a plastic snow-shaker ornament.

The Stork Shower

A freestanding cardboard sign on the front lawn usually marks a baby shower that features a stork theme. This sign, which features the big bird carrying a baby in a diaper, is used to direct approaching guests to the right house. Sometimes this sign is erected on the front lawn of the mother-to-be's home after the baby is born.


Roses, gladiolas and peonies suit this. A nice touch is to decorate the front door step with decorative cabbages.

Stork parties are often also "diaper parties" so often guests are encouraged to bring a package of diapers as gifts.

Guests can also be presented with custom-made bracelets or necklaces made from the same kind of beads they use to make baby identification bracelets in hospitals.

The Duck Shower

This visually pleasing and very popular motif can be used to decorate everything from the invitations to party glasses. There are a great variety of commercial products available to support this theme on the market right now including floating toys, glasses and liquid dispensers with ducks floating inside, rubber placemats, baby furniture and soaps. It is a very popular motif as it is considered to be uni-sex.

The color scheme of at a duck shower is usually yellow. Plastic or rubber yellow ducks are used as decorations. A nice touch is to float a few rubber duckies in the punch bowl. You can also freeze small yellow ducks inside ice-cubes and drop them into drinks.

Flowers such as daffodils, freesia and yellow daisies and bright yellow candles also suit this event.

The cake is usually yellow inside, and the guests usually take a rubber duckie or two home with them as a party favor.

Bunny Rabbit

This popular theme is also supported greatly by the commercial market and guests are encouraged to bring china, clothing, linen and toys that boast this motif. Sometimes a mother who adapts this theme is looking to collect china based on the books of Beatrix Potter. Books by Beatrix Potter as well as the classic "Wind In The Willows" make great gifts at this kind of shower.

In this case the cake is often vanilla or chocolate and baked in the shape of a rabbit. Cheese fondue and vegetables such as carrots and celery are also popular snacks. If the shower is a sit down dinner, hosts might consider serving a rabbit-less dish such as Welsh Rare-bit.

A blue and white color scheme suits this theme, as do flowers of the field such as daisies, violet and baby's breath. If they are in season, furry pussy willows are also a nice addition.

Guests can take home chocolates tied with blue or pink net or ribbons as party favors.

The Blue Shower

The Blue Shower clearly indicates that the child is expected to be a boy and everything from the invitations to the tablecloth to the cake can be expected to be this color. Sometimes, guests will be asked to wear the color blue to the party or encouraged to bring gifts (especially clothing and linen) in that color.

It can be challenging to come up with blue foods, however it is possible to make a blue cake in the shape of a baby bootie, or serve up blue raspberry Jell-O with fruit floating in it. There is also a liqueur called Blue Curacao that can be used to turn a punch into a Tidy-Bowl hue.

Blue candles, blue dinner ware and blue napkins can also help emphasize the overall theme. Mother's chair can also be draped with a blue shawl or cozy blue blanket and pillow.

Violets and blue roses suit the color scheme of this kind of shower and guests often leave with party favors wrapped in blue ribbon, tulle or netting.

The Pink Shower

The Pink Shower clearly indicates that the child is expected to be a girl and everything from the invitations to the placemats to the icing on the cake can expected to be this delicate shade. Sometimes guests will be asked to don the color pink to support the overall theme or encouraged to bring gifts (especially linen and clothing) in that color.

Fortunately, there are many pink foods that can be served to support this theme. Salmon mousse and crab dip is two savory suggestions. Cookies or cakes can be frosted with pink icing to resemble the features of a little girl. Dishes such as strawberry trifle, pink Jell-O, strawberry mousse and cream puffs colored with cherry juice would also add to the overall girlish theme. Beverages such as pink lemonade and raspberry lemonade or cocktails made with cherry or strawberry liqueur could also be served.

Pink candles scented with cherry or strawberry suit this theme as well. Mother's chair can also be draped with a pink shawl or comfy pink blanket or pillow.

Roses, peonies and daisies mixed with baby's breath are suggested flower arrangements for this kind of event. Guests can leave with cinnamon hearts or pink candies wrapped in pink ribbon or netting or a tiny bottle of bubbles.

Noah's Ark

The Noah's Ark shower encourages guests to bring a stuffed animal to the shower. The animals are usually deposited into a cradle or toy-box that is set up before hand. If the mom is young and hip, guests may be encouraged to bring linens and clothing in wild patterns and prints. A nice group gift for the mother is a charm bracelet, and each guest is invited to purchase a different "animal" charm.

Invitations can be bought or purchased featuring this theme or you can decide on an exotic print scheme for tablecloths and linen such as tiger stripes or leopard print. The party area can be decorated with animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions and zebras.

Tropical finger-foods and dishes such as curries, satays, samosas and rice pilafs suit this theme, as do pineapple-flavored items. A centerpiece featuring exotic fruits from the world such as pomegranates, kiwis and coconuts is also a nice touch.

Cakes can be baked in the shape of a favorite animal of the mother's. An elephant, which is an animal that represents prosperity, is a popular choice. Animal crackers and goldfish crackers can be served as snacks.

Orchids, tiger lilies and birds of paradise make gorgeous decorations for this kind of party. Suggested party favors are toy animal key chains or animal pendants.

Nursery Rhymes

This kind of shower encourages guests to bring books as gifts, although snowshakers, ceramic figures, linen and baby clothes decorated with popular characters from rhymes and fairy tales are also a good choice. Money can also be collected for the mom-to-be in Mother Hubbard's old boot.

A paper tablecloth can be decorated with written out nursery rhymes and paper cutouts of popular nursery rhyme figures can be used to decorate the walls.

A decorative centerpiece can be made of "silver bells and cockle shells" (lilies of the valley and seashells.)

A small pot of ivy is a suitable party favor to present to departing guests.


This kind of shower encourages guests to bring clothing as gifts for the newborn. The clothesline is strung up across the party area and as guests arrive they pin their gift to the clothesline. Paper money is also sometimes pinned to the clothesline.

If you are invited to a clothesline baby shower it is also acceptable to bring a pack of disposable diapers as a gift.

Vintage Tea Party

Dust off the old china and iron your oldest and prettiest linen and lace tablecloth for this kind of party, which is patterned after the Victorian era. For this kind of party, guests are sent official invitations in white envelopes that ask for an RSVP. Another twist on this kind of party is the "Mad Hatter" theme in which each guest is encouraged to wear their most outrageous hat to the event.

Finger foods, cookies and pinwheel sandwiches made of cream cheese, egg salad and tuna are usually served at these parties along with copious amounts of tea served from the oldest silver teapot you can beg, borrow or steal.

An arrangement of tea roses, violets and baby's breath makes a fine centerpiece. Another nice touch is to make a display area that features framed photographs of the mother's relatives so guests can get a peek at the family tree.

An excellent party favor for this kind of shower is a tiny picture frame or silver spoon slipped inside tulle or a satin pouch.

Pamper Mommy Party

At this kind of shower, mommy is Queen For A Day. Guests are encouraged to present her with beauty products and gift certificates for spa treatments.

The hostess may designate certain guests to be servants, so that the mom-to-be never has to get up to serve herself food. Creative hostesses might even want to supply mom with a paper crown or tiara. Another nice idea is to hire a manicurist or have a friend give her a relaxing footbath, foot massage and a pedicure. Another friend might be assigned to give her a back rub and another to give her a facial.

You can also play soothing music and burn scented candles to create a relaxing ambience for this party. Making mom a special protein smoothie or green drink is also a nice touch.

Flowers with soothing scents such as lavender, hyacinth, freesia or peonies also help cheer the atmosphere.

Small gift baskets filled with samples of beauty products are appropriate gifts to give departing guests.

A Star is Born

The theme of this shower is stars. Guests are encouraged to bring linen, clothing, hanging mobiles and toys that represent this theme.

Star shaped glitter can be sprinkled inside the invitation envelopes and also sprinkled around candles and flower arrangements. Stars constructed out of aluminum foil can strung from ceiling fixtures and white twinkling Christmas lights can be used to enhance the celestial effect.

The color scheme of this shower is usually silver and blue. A nice idea is to put a portrait of the mother inside a giant hand-made star shaped frame and put in a prominent place. Silver and blue candles as well as fragrances such as frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood enhance the mood of this party

You can also serve cakes, cookies and tea sandwiches that have been cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter.

Tiny star shaped charms tied with a pink or blue ribbon make excellent party-favors for departing guests.

Meals For Mom Shower

Sometimes called a "Freezer Shower, the idea behind this party is to spare mom the expense and inconvenience of having to cook while she has so much else going on. Guests are encouraged to bring homemade meals that can be stowed in the freezer.

Casseroles, lasagna, stews, soups, moussaka, spaghetti sauces, curries, pilafs and cakes are foods that freeze well and that will keep mom well fed for months.

A potted herb, such as rosemary, sage or thyme is a nice party favor for your guests to take away and put on their windowsill.

Baby Book Worm

The point of this party is to make sure that baby grows up with a well-stocked library, so guests are encouraged to bring a children's book as a gift. Really creative hostesses may want to suggest that participants dress up as their favorite character from a children's story such as Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

​Another clever idea is to serve typical foods, yet create placards that give them clever names. Egg salad or tuna sandwiches could be served up as The Mad Hatter's Tea Sandwiches and pumpkin pie as Harry Potter's Magic Pie. A cake can also be baked to resemble an open book upon which is a verse in honor of the mother is inscribed with icing.

​A good game for literary types is Baby Scrabble, in which guests try to create words that only have to do with babies, or try to invent baby names.

​For this kind of party, it is a nice idea to send guests away with a miniature bible as a party favor or a Polaroid photo of the guest with the mom. Make sure to take two pictures so Mom has a copy for her photo album.

​Mummy's Tummy Party

​This unusual party is not for the shy mom as it involves her lying on the floor, while her friends make a plaster cast of her pregnant tummy. The guests mingle and chow down while the plaster cast dries and before they leave they inscribe their good wishes for the mommy and the baby on the resulting sculpture.

​This wonderful idea for a party not only makes a hilarious video, but also leaves mom with a keepsake she can treasure for decades. One caveat: remember to lay plastic sheeting down on the floor and provide your guests with aprons or shifts to protect their clothing as things can get kind of messy. Also make sure that your bathroom is spotless and that mom has plenty of clean towels, as she may need to take a shower afterwards. Mom's belly is often prepped for the cast by using copious amounts of Vaseline.

​Golden Child

​As gold is a color that represents prosperity, family unity and happiness, it can be used as a theme to tie an event together. Invitations, printed in gold or written in gold colored pen are sent out to guests who are encouraged to RSVP.

​The Sun is an excellent motif to use at this shower and commercial products such as paper tablecloths and linen that feature this popular symbol are widely available at stores.

​A money tree, which is a tree branch spray-painted gold, can also be set up at this party and guests are encouraged to tape or pin money to the tree.

​Foil covered chocolate coins, wrapped in blue or pink netting are cute party favors to present to leaving guests.

​Pagan Party

​Sometimes one has to throw a party for a mom who is a Wiccan. In this case, it is appropriate to sprinkle the floors with wild flowers and burn incense. The walls may be decorated with posters or images of goddesses and a cake can be baked in the shape of an ancient Venus de Willendorf.

​Pink, purple, silver, gold and light blue are all appropriate colors to celebrate the arrival of a pagan baby. The mother's friends might also want to make a wreathe of wildflowers to place on the mother's head.

​Foods that represent fertility and prosperity such as egg pies, asparagus, salmon, watercress, spinach, cheese, grapes and pomegranates are appropriate to serve at this kind of shower.

​The perfect party favor is a small chunk of rose quartz, tucked inside a velvet or satin bag, as rose quartz represents love.

​Diaper Party

​Any kind of shower can be a diaper party, but the basic idea is to encourage each guest to bring a package of disposable diapers to the party as a gift. That way mom is well stocked with supplies for the future.

​One way to encourage guests to bring diapers is to make them their "ticket" to winning a raffle. Each package they bring represents one ticket, so one guest could buy themselves several tickets. The prize can be a small gift basket filled with beauty products or foods. If a diaper party is successful, a mom can be supplied with diapers for as long as seven months!

​Baby Socks

​This party is created around the theme of tiny baby socks. The socks can be blue, pink or yellow depending on whether the parents know the sex of the baby. Usually the invitations are stuffed inside a small baby booty or sock that is mailed out to the guest. Guests may also be encouraged to return the baby sock with a cash donation that is then hung from a clothesline or a "sock tree."

​These kinds of showers are often decorated with what are called "sock flowers." These are imitations of roses made by rolling back a pair or two of baby socks so that they resemble rose petals. A balled up sock represents the bud and the other socks are folded over to look like flowers and attached to a wooden stem. Mom is presented with a bouquet of baby sock flowers at the end of the shower.

​The cake may also be created in the shape of a baby sock or baby bootie.

​Guests may also take home a party favor, chocolates or a charm, wrapped up in a baby bootie or shoe.

​Little Pumpkin

​This type of party is particularly suited to a shower that is held around Halloween. It is also ideal for a Mom who is a Harry Potter fan. The theme of the party is usually orange and pumpkin shaped invitations are sent out.

​A centerpiece created from orange and gold chrysanthemums as well as squashes, zucchinis and other vegetables. Candle holders can also be created from smaller squashes and pumpkins.

​You can also serve pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake and pumpkin pie. Other orange foods such as curries, carrot soups and Jell-O are also encouraged at this kind of party.

​Guests can take home a goodie bag, full of chocolates and charms or home-roasted spiced pumpkin seeds.

​Name The Baby

​This kind of shower is for a mom who is having a great deal of trouble deciding what to name her newborn baby. In the invitation, guests may be encouraged to bring books that suggests names, as well as their meanings, to the shower.

​Sometimes, the mother may decide that she wants to choose a name at the shower, and the host will create a gift basket that is raffled off to the person who submits the winning name.

​Guests may also play a form of Baby Scrabble, which involves using the tiles to create a suitable name on the Scrabble Board. Or they may be presented a scrabble tile and be asked to come up with as many names for that letter as possible and submit them for the mother's perusal.


​This kind of shower allows the guests to meet the baby before it is born. Guests may be asked, in a written invitation, to help fund the rental of an ultrasound machine and technician or the hostess may pay for it.

​At this shower, an image of the baby is shown to the guests on a videoscreen. As these machines also print out copies of the image, guests may be given a picture of the unborn baby to take home with them as a party favor.

​Safety Shower

​Invitations request that guests bring home safety items as gifts for the child. Suggestions for gifts include plastic caps for electrical outlets, locks for kitchen cupboards, gate for the top of the stairs, baby harnesses, rubber mats for the bathtub and other devices. Guests can think of gifts with an eye to the future of the child as well by giving toys that are approved for safety.

​Swiss army knives or mini-flashlights make nice party favors for guests who attend this practical kind of shower.

Little Angel or Precious Angel

​Celestial guardians are the theme for this party and the motif of the angel may be reflected in every detail from the invitation, to the tablecloth to images decorating the walls. This is a very popular theme and commercial decorations are widely available to the public.

​The mother may also want to use angels as a theme to decorate her nursery, so guests should be encouraged to buy linen, china, clothing and mobiles that feature the heavenly motif.

​The party area itself can be decorated with ceramic angels, angels in snowshakers, feathers, cotton batten and stars made out of aluminum foil. Strings of white Christmas lights and new age music also add to the light and airy feel of this kind of party. This shower also suits plenty of white flowers, as well as the scents of frankincense and myrrh. White, blue, pink and silver make a gorgeous color scheme for the angel shower.

​Creative hostesses might want to make a halo for the mother or even rent angel wings for the mother or guests to wear. Another touch is to make name tags or dinner placards that name each guest as a guardian angel of the mother.

​Angel cake is a definite must at this kind of party, preferable served up with strawberries, blueberries or mangos. Angel-hair pasta is also another witty choice to add to the menu

​Small snowshakers, candles or charms of angels wrapped with pink or blue ribbon make excellent party favors for departing guests.

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