When the pregnancy reaches its 31st week, you have finished the first stage of the last trimester. And when you have passed the 30th weeks, the possibility that your child would survive without any serious and long-term issues becomes gradually increasing after every passing week. In other words, your pregnancy is going on stable development.All you need to do is looking after yourself carefully and then expect the due time to come soon. But when you see the child is head down after the pregnancy examination, do you need to worry about it?


What does a head down position of your baby mean?

​In times, a head down position of your baby in 31-week pregnancy is not a big deal to worry. A couple of babies would be in this position in their early stage and they would not be able to turn over to a head up position, particularly when this is the first time you are pregnant. This would indicate that there is less risk of "improper presentation", including a diagonal presentation or breech delivery, close to the delivery.

​In some situations, a head down position would result in pain in the pelvic bones. Therefore, make sure to ask for advice from a doctor or your midwife.

​Does it mean that you go into labor early?

​A head down position does not necessarily indicate that the child would come early and also does not increase the possibility that you would go into an early delivery. However, it is really essential to understand the common signs of preterm delivery to avoid any complicated and serious situations. In general, you should consult a doctor or your midwife immediately if the following things happen:

  • Contractions occur frequently, happening every 10 minutes or similarly.
  • You are suffering from backache in the lower part of your back. This could happen constantly or sporadically, but it would not leave your kid with the change in position.
  • You are suffering from severe pains in the lower part of the stomach. This usually feel like the menstrual pains. Sometimes, it could also occur with diarrhea.
  • The fluid was leaked from the vagina.
  • You have a couple of signs that are similar to a flu, including nausea, diarrhea, and even throwing up. You should call a doctor even when these symptoms seem mild. If you could not keep the liquid down for about 8 hours and more, it is compulsory to see the doctor.
  • The pressure in pelvic bones has been increased.
  • You see an increase in the vaginal discharge.
  • Your vagina is bleeding.

More experience from other mothers

It is definitely a feeling of happiness to know that you are not the only person facing the case. The following are some stories of other moms who are also in their 31-week pregnancy and find their children with head down positions.

On the 31st week, my kid had already been in her head down position. In fact, my doctor considered it was a good sign as the breech would be less possible. He also told me that my kid might not come in early and it was actually true.

"This is the second time I am pregnant and the head of my kid has already been in my pelvic bones on the 31st weeks. I have known before that this would not occur in early weeks for the first time of pregnancy, but in late stage of the period. Sometimes, it would happen near the time of giving birth or even when you go into labor. Therefore, I am worried that it is too early for him to be delivered. I am also suffering from pelvic pain and groin a lot. Not so sure that I could make it until the next nine weeks pass."

The development of your kids after 31 weeks

Although your kid would look pretty like an infant with around 1.5 kilograms in weight and 40 centimeters from foot to head, she or he still needs some time to develop fully the legs, arms and body. Between this stage and the delivery time, the child could gain more than 900 grams.

You kid would pass water through the bladder. In general, this is a perfect practice for kid to wee after birth. From that time, the marrow will start to generate red blood cell.

Till this stage, you have probably been aware of gradual increase in the movement of your kid. From now on, these movements start to remain stable, but the forms of moves would possibly change. You would know that you kid is still fine as long as you are noticing his or her movement.

Other important factors to bear in mind

A position with head down would be possible before you turn to the 31st week of pregnancy. So what should you need to do if this situation happens? It would be a perfect choice to make a to-do list of what you would need.

For parents who are in their first time of delivering, they would have already started to prepared for the birthing. The following are a couple of questions for you to consider:

  • Have you make a decision to register for any prep class for delivery a child?
  • Have you had a look at the floor and department of the hospital in which you plan to give birth?
  • Have you thought of saving the blood from your kid’s umbilical cord? How about the afterbirth?
  • Is everything ready with the seat of your vehicle?
  • Do you contact a doctor or pediatrician?

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