Series of actions as below can show that you are not a good mother, an ideal parent in your children’s eyes.

Despite the fact that all parents want to be a perfect father and mother in their children’s eyes, sometimes, they can not control themselves and totally fail in their roles as a father and a mother. Most of people are in the bad situation when they talk bad words or get angry in the public areas…


​If they have been admitted their mistakes in the parent journey, they always have other opportunities to change and improve themselves. At the same time, they can also change their children’s look to themselves.

​If you regularly have one of the following mistakes, it proves that you are not an ideal parent in your children’s eyes and your children do not like what you do at all.

​1. Parents stay with the children all the day

​I totally agree that it is very difficult to give their beloved children to someone else. However, if you just constantly involve in everything of the children, it will not bring any benefit at all. You will be tired and exhausted and your children are certainly not getting any benefit.

​In fact, the children will be far away from you one day. What do you want the kids remember about you the most if you keep involve in their life? Are you a mother that always tense, exacerbating and irritable?

​2. Parents do not pay enough attention to their kids and do not appear whenever their children need

​Parents are always busy with their job. They have to clean the house, earn money, cook and wash clothes… The housework is never done at all. However, are you too busy to have enough time to check email or read messages or online facebook? I believe that you are not too busy as you think. So why you don’t reduce the time to check the phone, turn off your message alert mode and check messages less than 3 times per day? In my opinion, parents should suffer facebook as less as they can and spend this free time for their children.

​After limiting the time to use high tech, you can use the whole weekend for your sweethearts. This factor will bring a lot of great things for both of parents and children that they can not expect to. No need to hesitate, just do it right away.

​3. Parents get involved too much in personal life of children

​The phrase “helicopter parenting” means that parents tend to involve too much in personal life of their children. You will be selected on “helicopter parenting” group if you are around your children the whole day. There is nothing wrong if you worry about your small children when they are about to fall off the chair. However, if you do not let your children climb on the chair or stand up again after falling down by themselves. You children will not have experience the victory or failure feeling when they achieve something.

​When you always look after for your children, teach them to be in the round secure and stand behind them every single moment, you can make your children become dependent, lazy. Your children will always want other people to do everything for them. They will never know how to do anything if they are out of their parents’ safety.

​4. Parents do not keep promises

​Your children may be a naughty and stubborn kid but they deserve to be respected. You may teach them on negative ways by somehow even you don’t know but they observe all your gestures. If you promise to do something for them and then totally forget your promise, the children will still remember. When you keep repeat forgetting your promise, you will be a mother/father that do not keep the promise and untrustworthy.

​If you say that you will read for them at bedtime, let’s read a book. If you say you will come home at a certain time, just try your best to come back home on time. You should always try to keep your promises every time.

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