Babies and young children get sick often – it’s a normal part of childhood. Parents, who are supposed to be “doctors at home”, sometimes they feel so anxious for their children health so they can make some mistakes that may cause some dangerous consequences for their children.


​Parents should pay attention when taking care of sick children and should have research about childcare, follow direction of doctors to avoid some common mistakes that may affect children health as below:

​1. Over use Paracetamol

Most of parents have given their children paracetamol whenever they have signals of a fever or any common pain, however paracetamol overdose is the leading cause of liver failure in children. Paracetamol is a common medicine that we can buy anywhere anytime. We all have this medicine in our cupboard and use it to treat some of the many common diseases. In order to decrease the fever of children or reduce the uncomfortable of toothache, headache, ear aches or even stomachache, some parents usually give this common medicine to their children. When we use this common medicine correctly, paracetamol is considered as a very safe one. However, it could be dangerous if children have used it too much. All in all, parents do not over use Paracetamol for their children.


2. Give adult doses for children

Some parents think that giving the adult doses to children can save the time and money. But it can cause some bad consequences for our kids. Children are not small adults, yet children’s doses are often extrapolated from the usual adult doses. As a result of that, parents should give to their children right medicine with the right amount. Although there are many medicines with the same name and same benefit, not all medicines can be used for children. Medicines have many different strengths for the particularly person such as infant, toddler, children and adult formulas. Children with different ages or weights must use the different amount and directions of medicines. Parents should follow the directions exactly and always use the right medicines for children.

3. Use the wrong thermometer

When children have a fever, most of parents usually touch their forehead and guess the temperature. However, this method is totally incorrect. Doctors say for children less than a year old parents should use a digital thermometer in the rectum. Older kids can use a digital thermometer in the mouth.

4. Use a kitchen spoon to measure medications


According to pediatricians, parents should use the device, measuring spoon or the dosing tool that come with the medicines such as a cup, dosing spoon, droppers or oral syringes. The different measuring devices can hold the different amount of medicines. Remember that never use household utensils to measure the medicines such as teaspoons or tablespoon. Teaspoons have variety of size and if you use it, you can give your children the wrong dose. In case there is not any dosing tool at home, parents should know the difference of millileters (ml) tablespoons (tbsp.) and teaspoons (tsp).

5. Use medicines without reading the Drug Facts label

Most of parents always use medicines in their cupboard without reading the drug facts label. We should not forget this basic step before using any medicine to choose and use safely all medicines. Parents need read the drug facts label every time to clearly understand the medicines before giving to their children. Ask your pharmacists or your doctors if you don’t understand any formulas of this medicine.

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