Most of children often like sleeping rather than getting up early. However, when you encourage your children to get up early, it will bring great benefits for their health as well as their intelligence.


1. Make the children smarter

Getting up early is one of the leading reasons that makes children become smarter. Many researches have shown that when they get up early, children will feel happy and comfortable longer. Feeling is the main factor to stimulate nervous that helps the children have brain development and be smarter than get up late children.

In addition, in order to make sure that children can get up early, parents should ensure that the children have to go to the bed before 10pm every night.

​2. Make children better height

​Getting up early has closed relevant to the development of height of children that most of mothers usually ignore. People said that falling in deep sleep from 10pm – 2am will help children develop the optimal height as this stage is the most active height growth. However, this gold time is not the only stage that children can develop their height but getting up early. Sunlight in the early morning contains a lot of vitamin D. Therefore, when standing under the sun, the children can absorb the vitamin D and calcium into their body easier and that will increase the optimal height. With older children, they can take part in some exercise such as running, swimming… in order to have better height.

​3. Make children healthier

​Getting up early not only stimulates the happy and active nerves but also helps the children feel relax and healthier. Some researches show that get up late children always feel tired and unwell than get up early children. When getting up early, the children will have more opportunities for themselves such as practicing sports, listening to music or reading a book…

​4. Reduce stress

​Getting up late will cause weak, stress, tired symptoms while getting up early is a great tonic that help children reduce stress and tired. Especially, with teenager in the exam, getting up early will help them to reduce stress better.

​The researchers point out that night owl and getting up late may lead to depression more than 3 times of getting up early.

​5. Treat stomachache

​Not only adults but also children are faced with stomachache because of bad eating habits in the morning. Therefore, parents should practice for their children get up early habit and healthy eating habit to prevent stomachache. In addition, children will have more time to eat when getting up early so they will have good mood and no problems with their stomach.

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