If you want to become a wise pregnant woman, you should keep in mind the following 5 things


9 months of the pregnancy is not a joke even it is not the first time of your pregnancy. Besides of the joy and happiness when you are about to be a mother, there are a lot of difficult things in your mind. I do not mean to make you terrified. I just want more realistic in your life. Some of women who are in their pregnancy or planning to pregnancy are not aware of difficult problems. Therefore, if you want to be a wise pregnant woman, you should remember these 5 things below. You can avoid some common mistakes that many people may make with this useful information.

1. You apply double meals of 2 people

This is probably one of the most common mistakes of pregnant women. When people suggest that you should eat for two people or it is just a reason for your own appetite, you should stop to think that way immediately. This is a common mistake that most of pregnant women usually meet.

Your unborn baby is still growing up in your abdominal. It means that you can not eat the double amount of food (I mean one of this is the amount of normal adult). For an adult, one woman needs to apply approximate from 1800 to 2000 calories per day. And certainly, your unborn baby does not need that much. In order to provide enough nutrients for your unborn baby, you just need to apply more 300 calories in your daily meal.

You should keep in mind that if you gain too much weight during the pregnancy, you can face with the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and the doctor will recommend you to choose caesarean section. This matter can lead to some health problems after giving a birth.

2. You do not have full sleep

The doctors recommend that it is enough for adults to sleep just 6 hours per day. However, when you are pregnant, the sleep duration should be increased because of some changes of hormonal and physical as well as exhaustion. If you get enough sleep, your body will be healthy enough to overcome the exhaustion.

Some researches show that pregnant women who sleep well at night and do not face with any stress will take less time during childbirth. They also have less labor pain than those who are suffering stress and do not sleep well at night.

3. You do not practice exercise

Exercise is extremely important for pregnant women’s body because it helps you to prepare for the upcoming labor pain. You are bad of your own body without exercise.

I am not mean to scare you. I just want to emphasize the important of health to you. Exercise helps to reduce stress, increase blood circulation and prepare for the childbirth. Exercise is also good for the growth and development of the fetus. Some pregnant women are wrong when they think that their daily jobs are enough for the body. Remember to take exercise but you should ask for the advices of doctors or trainers about the lesion.

4. You are overload information

You should prepare your mind first when you announce that you are pregnant because people will give you all the information and advice they know about the pregnancy. On the other hand, you also need to read many books about babies, books about pregnant women or find information on the internet and other sources. Now, you can see what the problems are, right?

You should not take too much information especially before making decisions. I suggest that you should ask your doctor’s advices first because you will not want to give diagnose by yourself (one of the most common mistakes). And you definitely do not want to create more tension, do you?

5. Why you should choose cesarean method?

Many pregnant women think that they can not bear the terrible pain of normal childbirth so they choose caesarean section. This is a huge wrong idea because this choice is not easier than the traditional way. You should make the best decision that is most suitable for yourself. You also should follow the directions of doctors. In fact, the caesarean section will be painful for a long time and you need longer time to recover. Moreover, it is also difficult to feed your baby.

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