Red is a color to irritate and appetite taste of the viewer. Moreover, the red foods contain a huge source of nutrients. With pregnant woman, the following red foods should not be mixed in the daily meal.


​1. Beef

​Beef contains a huge amount of iron and protein. Moreover, beef is very rich of vitamin B1. These are all nutrients that help pregnant woman become healthy and fetus grow good.

​However, pregnant woman should eat beef in suitable schedule. They should not eat too much beef because it can turn to harmful. And take note that when cooking beef for meal, pregnant woman should cook ripe beef for the safety reasons.

​2. Red Beans

​Red beans contain antioxidants and this is an important factor that helps pregnant woman’s health regain and the fetus develop well.

​Red beans also have vitamin B6 that helps pregnant woman against flu effectively. Protein, omega 3 and vitamin B1 and other nutrients come from red beans can help to reduce tired of pregnant woman and improve fetus’s brain development. In addition, red beans also contain vitamin B6 helps pregnant mothers against the common cold episodes.

​Finally, similar to beef, in red beans also contain a lot of iron that helps pregnant woman avoid the risk of iron deficiency, strengthening the immune system and reducing some diseases.

​3. Strawberries

​Pregnant woman can eat strawberries as snack daily. Strawberries are rich of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Strawberry can help pregnant woman minimize the inflammation and contribute to the development of fetal bones.

​Folic acid in strawberries also helps the baby prevent the risk of neural tube defects.

​4. Red Apples

​Potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur... are necessary minerals for the body and they are all found in apples. Apples are also rich of fiber and fiber not only helps pregnant woman prevent constipation but also prevent excess cholesterol in the blood.

​According to some experience persons, the symptoms of morning sickness in the first months seem to reduce when pregnant woman eats apples.

​However, the fruits seller usually soaks apple in chemical liquid so pregnant woman should choose apples from supermarket.

​5. Tomatoes

​Tomatoes are usually used as beauty fruits of women as well as pregnant mother. Acid nicotinic helps for blood circulation and it also reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood. Lycopene helps to prevent aging symptoms of the skin.

​However, eating too many tomatoes can cause abnormalities in heart rate for pregnant woman.

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