The delicious vegetable dish with funny designs and colorful bowl of fruit sauce will satisfy the little demanding customers.

​One of the concerns of many mothers is their baby do not want to eat vegetables. If the baby maintains this bad habits, their body will lack of vitamins, minerals and fibers causing constipation for the long term. I will introduce to you some small tips to solve this problem.


​1. The gifts from vegetables

​According to some experts, children are forced to eat will arise the psychological resistance and make children tired, uncomfortable and even hate food until being adult.

​Instead of cooking like a simple dish, the mother can cook vegetables to some interesting gifts in many different ways. The children will enjoy more if you give them a dish of fried breaded vegetables after helping the housework.

​There are many vegetables and root fruits to cook for a delicious and attraction fried food such as sweet potatoes, courgettes, asparagus and okra… When vegetables become a gift, children will feel excited and eat more.

​2. Good decoration

​Children are often attracted by bright colors and varied shapes. Therefore, mothers should spend more time to cut vegetables into flowers, stars and animals sharps… or any favorite sharp of children. The idea of vegetable dish with funny zoo or moon, sky and stars for baby will better than a normal vegetables dish.

​Mother can refer the vegetable decoration of Japanese housewives to arrange strawberries, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, kiwi into the castle, animals and trees… The curiosity of children will keep their eyes on the delicious vegetable picture.

​3. Eat vegetable with strange sauce

​Colorful and delicious sauces will make the vegetable dish more attractive. With the dish of boiled vegetable, you can make a simple sauce with yogurt and small pieces of colorful vegetable.

​You just need to mix yogurt with mayonnaise, bell peppers, potatoes, carrots… to have perfect tasty sauce. The children will love eating fat and sour taste of yogurt with fried vegetables.

​4. Add vegetables to snacks meal

​The savory food such as meat, fish and eggs always attract baby more than vegetables. In the main meals, when children are busy to eat savory food, their stomach is too full and can not apply other vegetables. Therefore, after a main meal for 1 – 2 hours, when children are acting too much and feel hungry, you can prepare for them a snack meal with vegetables and fruits.

​At this moment, the mothers should be the example for their children by eating the first pieces yummy. Children are curious and like to imitate so if they see mother eating yummy, they will come to eat with mother. At first, the children eat just a few pieces. If mother remains this habit, children will eat more in the snack meal. The important thing is to make children feel enjoy and no pressure with snack meals.

​5. Make salad by yogurt

​The insipid taste of vegetable is one of the reasons why the children do not like to eat. Mother can make the mixed vegetable salad with yogurt to create delicious taste. The fat, cool and sweet yogurt stimulates the children’s appetite to eat more vegetables. In addition, yogurt also adds many beneficial bacteria that help the children appetite, digestion and better nutrient absorption.

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