Making a baby’s bottle seems simple but mother usually makes these mistakes and as the results of that, the powdered milk will be lost nutrients and even become harmful for children.


1. Not wash hands before preparing formula

Hands are the parts of body that are easy to be infected because hands often touch a lot of different things. If mother do not wash their hands with soap before preparing formula for children, the bacteria from the mother's hands can spread to the bottle and pass to the baby's body and it will cause infection and disease for children. So it is necessary for mother to learn the habit of washing their hands before preparing formula in order to protect the health of the baby.

2. Not sterilize milk bottles and nipples

Bottles and nipples are easy to be infected when we place it outside. Therefore, before using, mother must wash these things with dedicated liquid and clean again with hot water. Many mothers are not careful when they sterilize the bottles and nipples for children and it will cause many dangerous diseases for children.

3. Use mineral water to make the formula

Many mothers who are too careful, they often use mineral water to prepare milk for children because they think that the mineral water is cleaner and more secure than warm water. However, nutrition experts advise the mother should not do that. The mineral water contains a high mineral content. If you use it to make the formula, it will lead to excess substances and harmful for children's health. In addition, the use of mineral water to make the formula can create some dangerous intermediates. Therefore, mothers should only use the most appropriate liquid is warm water.

4. Make the powdered milk with too hot or too cold water

Many people have the habit of making formula with hot water. However, when you make powdered milk with hot water, milk will lose many nutrients and cause some harmful substances under the effect of high temperatures. While if you make formula by cold water, milk can not be dissolved and cause lumps so that children will not fully absorb the nutrients of milk.

According to experts, the mother should use water at a temperature of about 40-60 C degrees to prepare milk for children. This is the best temperature to ensure that the components in the milk will be kept the same.

5. Mix powdered milk with condensed milk

Taste of young children is extremely sensitive so they tend to eat lighter than adults. If the mother feels that milk is sweet enough, this also means that it is too sweet with children. Therefore, the mother should not add condensed milk into powdered milk for children. Because it can lead to arteriosclerosis evidence, risk of diabetes, tooth decay, and many other dangerous diseases.

6. Make available powdered milk for children

In the busy lives, many mothers often prepare and preserve powdered milk for children in the fridge and warm it up when children need. However, this is not good at all. Even though milk is preserved in the fridge, it still loses large quantities of nutrients. Therefore, the mother should prepare enough milk for children for one time drink to ensure good health.

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