Does intelligence come from genetic or a result of the encouragement and proper care? Certainly the main factor plays a decisive role of intelligence is genetic but in some studies show that the environment and the growth process also impacts to the child’s intellectual development.

There are some tricks that help to develop children's intellectual in the following.


1. Learn music

Sometimes you do not have enough patience to listen to your child to learn or play instruments but if you know that learning music is the best way to encourage their brain development most natural and fun, then certainly you will want to hear the child’s song.

According to researches of University of Toronto, children who learn music always has a higher IQ and they tend to have an aptitude for arts. After learning music for many years, the impact of music on the brain of children will increase a lot.

​Researches also indicate that learning music when they were a child would predict better learning scores and higher IQ in adulthood.

​So if you want your children smarter, you should let them join the band at school or musical class or learn to play a musical instrument.

​2. Breastfeeding

​Breast milk is the basic food of the brain. Research shows that breastfeeding brings maximum benefits to the development of infants and young children. It prevents dangerous infections and it has valuable source of nutrition.

​Danish researchers confirmed that breast milk helps children become stronger and smarter.

​The study also shows that children who were breastfed during their first 9 months will be more intelligence than children who were not breastfed or breastfed for a month or less.

​3. Practice exercise

​A research of scientists at the University of Illinois shows a close correlation between the scores in physical education and academic scores of elementary students.

​Participation in the sport movement in schools can gain their confidence in communication. This study also shows that 81% of successful business women used to play sports when they were a child.

​Therefore, instead of watching TV after dinner, your children should go bowling or walking. It will be better if you encourage your children to participate or join sports clubs in schools.

​4. Play video games

​We always consider video games as crime and laziness but few people know that it also can develop thinking skills, planning skills as well as team work skills and of course the creative skills.

​Some toy manufacturers produce the video games for infants, toddler-aged children with the aim of improving the action and memory skills.

​A recent study of the University of Rochester shows that volunteers who play video games have the ability to remember better than who do not play video games.

​Some schools in England, the teacher begin to put some video games on the teaching program.

​5. Choose snacks

​You should eliminate sugar, fat (animal fat) and some other junk foods like snacks, potato chips... and replace them by rich nutrient foods such as nuts, dried fruits... This is one of the best ways to help a child's brain development, especially during the first 2 years of their life.

​The study also shows that children who do not apply enough nutrients are easy to suffer infectious diseases so they usually take days off in school and it will affect to scores. Therefore, parents should take care of what children are eating and nutrition for each age group as well.

6. Encourage the curiosity

​If you want to encourage curiosity and creativity skills of children, you need to remember one rule: non - stop learning.

​Let’s support their interests and attention by asking them some questions. You can teach them new skills and show them directions to curiosity.

​7. Read books

​We can say that reading is one of the classic methods but it is extremely effective in gaining knowledge and cognitive development of young children of all ages.

​Let’s teach your child the reading habit as soon as possible. You can give them a library card as a gift or make a bookshelf at home for them.

​8. Breakfast

​A research in the 1970s showed that breakfast helps to improve memory, concentration and learning ability. Without breakfast, children are easily tired, irritable and slow reacts than those who eat breakfast in the morning.

​When parents are too busy, the children are difficult to have breakfast but remember that just a piece of cake or a glass of milk is enough nutrients for children to concentrate and learn better.

​9. Intellectual game

​Chess, crossword, puzzle… will help to train brain. A game like Sudoku not only is so funny but also can help to train the ability to think, solve problems and make decisions.

​Parents can create complex situations for children to think and find a solution. This will be very helpful for them in adulthood.

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