Is it normal for a baby to have inverted nipples?

In general, a lot of babies are born with the inverted nipples. This is mainly because the tissue underneath does not growing and multiplying rapid enough to make their nipples to stick out. However, it usually changes when the babies age during childhood or adolescence.


In many situations, baby inverted nipples are really common to notice and they are basically not the reason for concern. However, if you are extremely anxious about having a child with inverted nipples, then immediately see or call a doctor.

At delivery, people are still growing and the place in which several phases of development are taking place is dependable on the individual. A couple of nipples only need longer time to develop than the others.

If you read online forum to find out if inverted nipples in a baby are normal, then you would face with a lot of parents all having the similar question. This large number of people discussing on the inverted nipples of their baby could be considered by other people as a source of ease mainly because it offers a feeling of normality to the case since it is really common. In addition, it is also high likely that the nipples of your baby will get normal as time goes by.

Is nausea and morning sickness worse when you are carrying a boy?

For many centuries, people have always been trying to predict the gender of the kids in utero by examining everything from fetal heart rate, the way of carrying to morning sickness. While finding out signs for this mystery might be a fun and excited part of pregnancy, none of those factors has been proved to determine the gender accurately.

Nevertheless, one thing that could be mentioned about nausea induced by pregnancy is that the seriousness of a woman's signs have the tendency to be rather consistent from this pregnancy to the following one. This shows us that the physical response of each woman to the increased hormone generation in the body, not the gender of baby, will help to determine if she would have morning sickness.

In the meantime, you should also bear in your mind that nausea would be the most common symptoms of early pregnancy. In addition, it often disappears without treatment during your first trimester.

Is it normal to experience and increased amount of vaginal discharge when you go through the pregnancy?

In general, most mucous membranes would generate more fluid in reaction to the higher amount of estrogen during pregnancy. As long as the discharge is creamy and whitish in texture, you are possibly fine.

Nevertheless, if the discharge is pinkish or has an annoying smell, or if you are suffering from a burning or itching vaginal during urination, immediately see a doctor to make sure that you do not have any vaginal infections.

Also call a doctor if you notice an unexpected increase in the discharge, regardless of the texture or color. Increasing production of mucus, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, could be a sign of a dilating cervix, which could result in preterm labor.

Will you be able to breastfeed your child when you have inverted nipples?

In fact, a lot of mothers with flat or inverted nipples would be able to breastfeed their babies without any problems. Generally, this might not be even a worried problem for you simply because changes that happen during pregnancy in the contour of your breasts might have a positive effect on the shape of the nipples.

In addition, always bear in your mind that your child would be latching on the dark skin circling of your nipple (or the areola) and not only the nipple itself. Therefore, the inverted nipples might not be as much of a concern as you imagine.

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