Have you ever though that there is too many stuff for baby these days? While strolling in the mall, you would see bouncers, activity stations, bouncers and pretty much things. Nevertheless, many of these would be not compatible to your baby.


You might ask, can your baby use a jumperoo? And what is the baby jumperoo age? Let’s find out because it is possibly one of the most popular tools for kid today.

Benefits of using jumperoo

Depending on the age of your baby, jumperoo is not just a tool for playing or fun, but it is also educational. If you give it to your child at the suitable time, it would improve several of his or skills or even enhance the psychological, mental and physical development. The following are some benefits of using a jumperoo for your child:

1. Enjoyable physical activities

When he or she is inside a jumperoo, you kid will have a lot of chance for legs movement as there are different things that he or she could reach out or grasp, which is a really fun and valuable for him or her.

In addition, it could be also a physical exercise since your baby has to move the whole body. This is actually an essential element for him or her to reach several of the milestones. In other words, jumperoo is a good choice for your kid instead of the baby gym.

2. Mental stimulation

When your baby grab a toy, it would help to develop his or her eye as well as hand coordination. In fact, the various sizes and shapes of stuff could stimulate the visual senses too, and you kid will also be able to appreciate different colors.

In addition, because there are several types of Jumperoo with music, your baby could also improve his or her auditory senses. In general, it not only strengthen the physical elements but more essentially, psychological as well as mental.

3. Muscles development

When you put the baby in a jumperoo, he or she will appreciate the way of moving the legs and jump. In fact, this is a perfect way to develop and build up the muscles in his or her legs.

Nevertheless, whether using the jumperoo could help a baby learn how to walk is still controversial. In fact, the muscles that often involved in this form of activity are those located in the neck and legs (when he or she is sitting upright). It is the back and thigh muscles that are mainly responsible for walking.

4. Allow parents more mobility

This is probably the most obvious benefit of using this tool. When you go for it, you will have the freedom to perform simple household tasks such as tidying up, washing dishes, cooking, reading a book or watching your favorite movies.

5. Absolute enjoyment

Learning is not always necessarily boring as there is a spinning seat in the jumperoo that allows your baby more freedom to move around. Therefore, you will not need to be worried about confining him or her to only a perspective.

More importantly, this tool is portable, so you could bring it during traveling.

The suitable baby jumperoo age

In general, your little child could start to use this tool anywhere from 3 to 4 month olds. You just need to be sure that by the time you let him or her in a Jumperoo, the head control of your child is already good so that it could be stopped from lolling to a side.

In addition, your child also need to be able to sit up without assistance or just a little. Always bear in your mind that no matter how much amusement you want him or her to have, the top priority should always put on the safety. In other words, do not push it if your baby is not ready yet.

For many children, they will not enjoy the jumperoo if they could not support themselves physically. Bear in your mind that it should be suitable for their age as using it too early would bring more harm than good, which is similar to the using of baby toys.

But do not worry if your baby starts out even at 5 months as several children enjoy using Jumperoo after 9 months old.

Is it time?

If your children have met the necessary requirements in terms of physical milestone and age, then there is no need to hesitate about choosing a Jumperoo for them.

Just need to make sure that you notice all of the safety guides such as being close most of the times or not leaving your babies alone for going to another room even in a couple of seconds. Have fun!

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