In times, most of kids would become ill in the first year. Unfortunately, they do not know how to tell their parents whether they do not feel well. It is really sad and could, in fact, be quite dangerous when your baby catches a flu and is not able to do something with that apart from crying.


In general, the most reliable and also best methods to know whether your kids have a high fever is to use an exact and good thermometer for baby. This piece of equipment is definitely useful for most parents. Thus, if you still do not own one yet, then you need to buy one immediately.

​However, you could not just go to a store and go for any old types of thermometer. Your children particularly need this device which is particularly created for them. In addition, some kinds of thermometer are often more precise than others.

​In this buying guide, we would show you the most important factors to take into consideration while buying a baby thermometer. Therefore, you could know all necessary information in order to make the good purchasing decision for your beloved kids.

​The different kinds of baby thermometer

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​If precision is the factor that you are looking for, then a rectal thermometer is probably a suitable device for your kids. This is definitely the most precise method to check baby’s temperature. Even though it is an uncomfortable way, it is important to use this device for examining kids’ temperature. If you want to choose one of those, choose a model which is made with a large base and a versatile tip as those features would keep a parent from dangerous situation when they insert the device too far.


  • Precise
  • Cheap
  • Good for infants.


  • Shock element.
  • Often stop working.

Forehead or temporal artery thermometer

This is the latest and also the priciest (for good cause) type of baby thermometer in the market. In general, it uses infrared waves to check and determine physical arteries’ temperature on his brow. Because you do not need to touch a kid, it is not the most convenient and safest method, but it is also very precise. Therefore, it is often used in the hospitals. A lot of researches have showed that a forehead thermometer is precise for any ranges of age. Nevertheless, for kids under three months, it is highly recommended to check the results again by using the rectal thermometer.


  • Non-invasive.
  • Easy to use


  • Costly
  • Not precise if kids have a sweaty bow

Armpit or axillary thermometer

​This is least invasive as well as precise type of thermometer. Therefore, it is not really suggested and often the last method if a mother is not able to use another kind of thermometer. However, in case you use a cheap device that is not invasive, the armpit thermometer is the good option.


  • Could be used for checking before rectally taking the temperature
  • Cheap


  • Not especially precise.
  • Hard to determine the temperature of a wriggling kid

Ear canal thermometer

This is a popular choice since it is simple for you to use and minimizes the invasion. In addition, this type of thermometer is simply put in the ears of a child and provides a rather precise result of temperature for kids over 1 year old. Nevertheless, it is quite frustrating to use because you need to put it in the exact place in the ears of a baby to get a precise result. It is not optimum for kids under 1 years old since the canals of their ears might be not wide enough to have an appropriate reading.


  • Precise
  • Measure very quickly


  • Not proper for kids under 1 year old
  • Need to overcome a learning curve

Oral thermometer

This device would provide quite exact result and is also simple and safe for parents to use. In general, it is often put under the kids’ tongue. The most suitable range of age for an oral thermometer is from four years old above.


  • Precise
  • Cheap
  • Suitable for kid that would follow the instruction.


  • Not proper for babies

Pacifier thermometer

This type of thermometer is made with a dummy for young kids. While it would appear as a perfect choice, doctors are not often suggested parents to use an oral device due to its inaccurate temperature measurements. Therefore, you should avoid choosing a pacifier thermometer.


  • Easy to use


  • Inaccurate

Which important factors to consider when choosing a baby thermometer?

Is it suitable for the age of your kid?

Not all types of thermometer are proper for all ranges of age. For example, the rectal thermometer could be used for kids of any ages, but it is strongly suggested for an infant thanks to the most precise temperature result. For kids under 4 months, 100.5 degrees in the temperature could be a symptom of a dangerous illness or infection.

As the rectal thermometer could be not comfortable, many other types provide a versatile tip with large handle so that you would not insert it more than one inch. A Multi-use thermometer might not offer any features to avoid this, so you should be careful while using it.

The below table is a basic guideline on the relation between ages of children and suitable types of thermometer.





Temporal artery

Newborn - 3 months old

3 months - 3 years old

4 - 5 years old

5 years old above

Would this way work for your baby?

A baby, who is about 2 years old or more, would be more likely to resist a rectal device and wriggle around. Therefore, this method increases the risks of inexact result or injury. In addition, if you have a young kid who always move around, it might be hard to get a precise result with a rectal or ear thermometer. In this situation, you should go for a forehead or temporal artery thermometer, which only needs a fast sweep on the forehead of your kid.

How much money would it cost?

With only under 10 USD, you could buy an armpit, rectal or oral thermometer. A temporal artery thermometer would be in the range from 25 USD to 100 USD, while an ear canal thermometer could be from 20 USD to 45 USD. A pacifier thermometer ranges from 5 USD to 15 USD and a smart thermometer is from 15 USD to 70 USD.

Best baby thermometers

1. Best Rectal Thermometers (For Infants)

If you want to choose a device that has been in the market for a long time, then we strongly suggest Vicks Baby rectal thermometer, which dates back to 2005. In general, this model is made with a versatile tip to avoid over-invasion. Moreover, it also provides an easy and simple functionality, which gives you a result just after 10 seconds. Some people complain that it is not water-resistant and have a short battery lifespan. In fact, according to manufacturer’s manual, its battery would last for up to 200 hours of continuing performance.

One of the most important advantages of this thermometer is that is very precise. You do not need to be worried about inappropriate using of a Vicks Baby device. In the comparison with a mercury thermometer in 98.5°F, the results of a Vicks Baby rectal thermometer are 98.1°F, 97.5°F and 97.2°F.

In addition, it offer a lifetime warranty, which would be very useful if you going to have some kids in the next few years. Last but not least, it is available in the market with a quite reasonable price.

2. Best Forehead Thermometers (For Kids)

As we all know, Braun is a famous brand that always makes perfect baby thermometers with high quality.

By doing a quick sweep on the bow of your kid, this device would give the parents a precise result in a couple of seconds. Moreover, it is incredibly simple way to use the detailed instruction on its case.

The display is also easy to use and has 2 buttons. The first one is for turning on and off the device and the second one is a green button, which is pressed while you are swiping it on the bow of your kid.

Even when you have a limited eyesight, the screen of this device is quite large and really easy to read. In addition, the color of the scree will change to 3 different colors, including green, yellow and red, depending on the temperature.

It even provides the fever guide to help the parents remember the safe levels of temperature for theirs kids.

Even though it is one of the best devices for measuring the baby temperature, this thermometer model of Braun still has a really competitive price.

3. My Picks: Best Ear Thermometer

In general, this is a perfect device that could be generally used for multiple functions. More specifically, it do not work just as the ear thermometer, but also an armpit, rectal or even oral one.

During the past few years, this Braun device has received really good feedback from mothers and fathers who have used it. In addition, the price tag is also very reasonable compared to other digital types of ear thermometer. In fact, this device is often used in a couple of hospitals.

Moreover, although the Braun ear thermometer runs quite quickly and provides the result in just several seconds, this is really a precise and reliable device. Therefore, a lot of doctors highly recommend parents to use it for their kids.

Important things to remember when measuring temperature for kids

Avoiding using the mercury thermometer because it is very dangerous for your kids. In general, a mercury thermometer is made by glass, which would break really easily. However, the cracked glass is not a dangerous element. The mercury liquid inside it is a dangerous poison called neurotoxin. If your kid is exposed to this substance, it would have really bad effects on his development, including visual skill, fine motor, language, attention, memory and cognitive thinking.

The temperature of body would be raised for nearly 1 hour if you drench your kid in warm water. Therefore, you should not use a thermometer right after your child has a bath. However, if your baby is under 4 months or at of any ages who appears sick, do not hesitate to measure her temperature. After that, look for medical treatment or see the doctor immediately.

If you are using a multi-use thermometer, apply it for only one specific place such as armpit, oral or rectal to prevent bacterium from spreading.

Whether the thermometer touch the mouth, ear or skin of your kid, you still need to clean it after using. Doing this frequently would prevent germs or bacterium from developing.


Remember that the rectal thermometer could be used for infants in all ages. However, you would need to wait for at least 6 months to use an ear or a forehead thermometer and for 4 years to use an armpit or oral thermometer for your child.To sum up, a suitable thermometer for your kids is the one that they would feel comfortable while using in annoying times. However, in case you could not find your favorite types of thermometer among our recommendation, then feel free to click here for more popular models of thermometer.

After reading this guide, we hope that you could choose the most suitable one for your kids. Having a good thermometer and a dedicated doctor, you could be sure that your kid will have the best care in the most necessary times.

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