1. Introduction

Having baby is a way of live and an event that will bring wonder, happiness and joy to our daily lives. Our child is what we work, learn and fight for; he is the one we try so hard to protect and attempt to make sure that he has the best life that a mother can probably give him. In other words, a parent could sacrifice everything for their babies.


Sometimes, parents can protect their children from something that can be seen like bully or accident, while the others are not obvious. A lot of harmful and dangerous bacteria, germs or virus are impossible to see and can lead to many serious problems in babies. This is where a baby bottle sterilizer comes in to clean as well as sterilize all necessary items to keep your children from those risky factors.

In this buying guide, we will look at the various choices for bottle sterilizers and help you choose the most suitable model that would meet your budgets and needs. We hope those useful information will keep your child healthy and safe.

2. How a bottle sterilizer works

Most models of sterilizer are very easy to use. All you just need to do is inserting the whole bottles with all of necessary pieces or utensils into the sterilizer. After that, push “go” button, and wait for a few minutes, depending on models, to get it done. Most sterilizers do not take long at all and can fit various baby bottles at a time. They are all easy to run, but they come in different designs and features, not to mention that there are more than one method to sterilize a baby bottle.

3. Why should you buy a bottle sterilizer?

Sterilizing the bottle of your baby is especially most important during the first year of his life when he is still most vulnerable to harmful germs and bacteria. After this time, it might become rather useless as the child is able to avoid them.

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In general, if you do not sterilize a bottle or do not perform it properly, it can lead to some extremely serious problems for your child. This is the reason why you have to make sure to go for best baby bottle sterilizer.

Formulas that consist of milk and other elements tend to harbor and grow harmful parasites, viruses or bacteria. This is particularly the case for the area of the bottle such as the nub from which your baby sucks; it is a possible place for all forms of harmful pathogens and bacteria to develop. Therefore, you need to clean and handle it correctly.

An unsterilized bottle and the following cesspit of germs can lead to the risks of deadly illnesses in babies. For example, one of these is thrush, which results in blotches, white patches, and annoyance of the gums or tongue. In some serious situations, it could make mouth of your baby very sore and it could even go to the digestive tract leading to severe diarrhea.

An unsterilized bottle would also trigger gastroenteritis, which is quite similar to food poisoning in children. Generally, it can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, or even death in the worst cases.

These two illnesses above have been reported to kill thousands of babies each year, particularly in developing countries where medical knowledge and standards is not as common place as in developed nation like Germany or the U.S. However, there is a very simple and effective method for people to prevent this problem: a baby bottle sterilizer.

4. Types of bottle sterilizer

Microwave sterilizer

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In general, this model applies the heat from steam to get rid of all harmful bacteria and germs. This is the main reason why it is probably one of the cheapest in the market, but still fast and convenient to disinfect.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is placing the bottles into the sterilizer before adding water, then cover up and pop it inside the microwave. Therefore, you need to make sure that it fits just prefectly.

Cold water sterilizer

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This type of sterilizer requires the use of sterilizing liquid or tablets. All you need to do is putting the bottles into a strong container, which is covered with soak and a lid in the solution. This process is rather long because it needs to be submerged in at least 30 minutes.

As long as they are soaked, they could stay sterilized for up to 1 day. During this time, you could reuse the solution whenever you want.

However, after the process of disinfecting, you have to rinse off the nipples, rings as well as bottles with hot water before giving it to your baby.

Electric steam sterilizer

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As per its name, an electric steam model applies electricity to heat as well as sterilize. Most of them will shut off automatically after the process has finished. In general, it is a bit more expensive, but really easy to use compared to the types mentioned above.

5. Review

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Compared to dishwasher, this microwave steam sterilizer of Philips AVENT uses a higher temperature to keep your baby healthy and safe from harmful bacteria or germs. In other words, it can get rid of most dangerous elements in 4 standard bottles simultaneously. This model is also perfect for traveling thanks to its safe grips, which allow you to easily sterilize pumps, cups, bottles, and other item whenever and wherever.

In general, the natural steam will be generated when you use microwave power. In only 2 minutes after you have added water, the bottles will be thoroughly sterilized. This model could applied for the bottles with 2-11 ounces or 4-9 ounces when you use it at a full capacity.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Works well and effectively
  • Durable
  • Could be applied sterilize many things
  • Sterilize quickly (2 minutes)


  • Quite hard to deal with fresh out of the microwave

Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer

This microwave steam sterilizer of Dr. Brown is often seen as an efficient model, which is used to kill all harmful germs and bacteria in a bottle and other related items for your babies. It can accommodate 4 different feeding bottles of Dr. Brown and is generally made with a tray for sterilization. In addition, you can easily remove the bottles thanks to the tongs. Equipped with BPA-free sterilizing technology, it will always make sure too keep your baby’s bottles safe and clean.


  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Large space
  • Quick and efficient sterilization
  • Easy to remove the bottles


  • Plastic smell
  • Only made for Dr. Brown’s bottles

Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer

It is made to be fast, fuss-free, and easy to use so that the bottles, pacifiers and other items would be kept safe from any harmful germs and bacteria. This electric steam sterilizer of Tommee Tippee, which might get rid of all bacteria inside your baby’s bottle, is basically a chemical-sterilized mechanism. However, it has been proved that this product does not have any problems with the detergent chemical.

You can find it is really easy to use this tool. Everything will be sterilized in only 8 minutes after the button is pressed. However, the lid would keep the bottle sterilized all day if you don’t open it. In general, this sterilizer can be used with a lot of items such as formula dispenser, pacifier tong, and 5-ounce bottle.


  • Could fit a lot of items
  • Remove most of germs and bacteria
  • Fast sterilization
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Flimsy top
  • You need to unplug when turning off

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

This sterilizer of Munchkin can work well in any microwaves with standard size microwaves. In addition, it provides enough space to accommodate 4 bottles with 2 breast shields each time. When handling it, you can avoid an accidental burn thanks to its heat-resistant tongs and handles.

Designed with a compact and light weight form, this sterilizer will not take up too much space in your kitchen.


  • The instruction is easy to follow.
  • Cheaper than other models
  • Really simple to use
  • No water deposit or residue left in the bottle.
  • Quick sterilization
  • Well-made and sturdy


  • The handle does not stay really well
  • The sterilizer can leak
  • Difficult to fit long bottles

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

Designed with Steam Tower Technology, this sterilizer can direct the steam from the baby bottle to make sure complete and efficient sterilization outside as well as inside. In addition, it can also accommodate nipples, pacifiers and small toys. The product has an integrated drying rack a removable tray to allow the drying air to come in.


  • Versatile to sterilize small items
  • Can fit different bottles.
  • Removable shelves
  • Easy to load
  • Does not leave lingering smell


  • The tray needs regular cleaning
  • Slow sterilization.
  • Bulky to bring around

6. Conclusion

To sum up, it is really important to disinfect the bottle of your baby if you want to keep him safe and healthy from bacteria or germs. All of the information and reviews mentioned above will help you to sterilize and clean a bottle completely in a few minutes. By going for the right bottle sterilizer, you can make sure that your baby will be safe from harmful factors.

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