1. Introduction

Do you feel the smell of overflowing diaper from your baby. In this situation, a good changing pad is definitely the most necessary thing. It not only help to protect your child’s delicate skin from dirty surfaces with harmful germs, but also prevent diaper leak from spilling over the area so that you do not need to clean a lot after changing.


So now you decide to go shopping for a changing pad for your baby. But the problem here is that there are so many brands with various styles and designs available in the market, which can be really challenging for you to select a suitable changing pad for your needs.

Below is an incredibly detailed buying guide on everything that you need to know when choosing a baby changing pad. When you have finished reading it, you will be able to buy a the most suitable product for your beloved child.

2. Types of changing pad

In general, there are 4 main types of changing pad available in the market. Let’s take a look at the differences between those common products.

Standard changing pad : Basically a small mattress used only for diaper changing task, a standard changing pad could either be placed in a changing table or applied on its own on any surfaces around your house, such as a dresser. Similar to a bed sheet, you can simply change the cover of the changing pad when it is dirty.

Travel changing pad : The main problem of a standard changing pad is that it is too cumbersome to bring with you when travelling. Therefore, a travel changing pad with reusable option and lightweight design (like a towel) is especially necessary when you are changing for your child away from home. In general, it could be folded up easily and only take up minimal space, thus making it a perfect portable choice rather than a standard changing pad.

Diaper changing kit : A diaper changing kit will provide you not only with a changing pad but also everything else that you would need when go out on summer vacation. There is room for all the essential items such as baby wipe, diaper and also storage pocket for your phone or key.

Another benefit of a diaper changing kit is that it is really portable and can be folded up in the carry bag. Therefore, it will allow you to travel on a short trip with your child without the need to carry around a cumbersome diaper bag.

Disposable changing pad : Make to be thrown in a waste bin after using, a disposable diaper pad will help you to save a lot of time for cleaning up after changing. All you need to do is simply screwing up the diaper pad and throw it into the trash.

Another good things is that it is really lightweight and you do not take up much space when folded. Thus, it will allow you to squeeze easily into an overflowing diaper bag.

3. What to look for when choosing a changing pad

A changing pad basically performs 2 functions:

  • check
    Protect your child from dirty surface.
  • check
    Protect the surface from diaper spill and poop explosions.

Therefore, remember to go for a baby changing pad that would fulfill fully 2 points above. In addition to basic features, let’s take a look at other important factors that you will need to consider when buying a changing pad.

Flat versus curved

Diaper changing could be an extremely unpleasant experience for a child, which could cause him to wriggle all over a place. To deal with this problem, many models of changing pad are designed with a curved top to make sure that your child is kept in the center of the changing place no matter how much he moves.

The safety belt

If you find that diaper changing is a team sport in which you need to hold the child in a place, while your husband has to change the diaper, then a safety belt is definitely the factor that you need to take into consideration.

These days, a safety belt is quickly becoming a popular component in the changing pad, especially when your child is super wavy during changing time. In general, this belt will sit just over the torso of your baby and help to keep him in a fixed place.


During the changing time, there would a lot of pee and poop. And it is nearly impossible to perform most of these tasks without spillage. Therefore, you should always go for a changing pad that is simple to clean as spills are unavoidable.

When it comes to spillage, there are 2 different ways to resolve, including water proof surface and changing pad cover.

  • Water proof surface: A water proof surface would prevent any spillages from soaking in your diaper pad. While it might sound like a good idea, always bear in your mind that urine would pool, which means that it will need to be wiped up.
  • Changing pad cover: A changing pad cover often sits on the diaper pad and mainly works as a bed sheet. Basically, the spills will be absorbed by this cover to keep your diaper pad protected. When finishing the change time, you just need to throw it into a washing machine. Make sure to have a couple changing pad covers on hand so that you would prepare for the next change with a dry and clean cover.

Check the bottom

Your child is fragile and soft. But during diaper changing time, he will has the incredible strength to wriggle around without stop. As a result, you will find that changing pad is sliding and slipping all over the area.

The main reason for this is the bottom of the changing pad. If you choose the underside with slippery material or smooth surfaces such as wood, then the pad could slide around in every single wiggle.

Size and measurement

This might seem like an evident factor but often ignored by most of us when shopping for some products for your baby. If you often change the diaper on a table, then it is necessary to choose a changing pad that would fit properly.

Always measure the size of your changing table and make sure to stay away from changing pad that exceeds those dimensions.

4. Review

The ultra-plush changing pad cover is basically designed with extremely comfortable and soft fabric called Velboa, which is often used in plush dolls and baby blanket. It is also very machine-washable and color fast. This cover would fit nearly all standard changing pads, which are often up to 16 x 32 inch.


  • Stain resistant
  • Easily wash by machine
  • Extremely comfortable and soft
  • Lightweight


  • Rather expensive

Thanks to organic cotton layer, this changing pad of Serta provides your child with extra comfort when changing the diaper. It is also really easy to control and wipe. With the measurements 16 x 32 inches, it is suggested for usage up to 30 pounds.


  • Extremely safe with 3 enclosure
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to control and wipe


  • Only white color

With 100% organic cotton, this changing pad is really gentle to the skin of your baby. Whenever you go shopping, remember to have a look at the changing pad section and take this one. It is generally made with a mix of appealing prints and gentle solids for a perfect nursery for your gorgeous child who will lie on it.


  • Gentle to the skin
  • Gorgeous
  • Silky
  • Essay to clean


  • Do not last so long

This changing pad will protect your child fully from dirty surface on the ground. In addition, it also consists of a snap-on system, which secures the mounting as well as a quick release in the safety belt. You can find it really comfortable for a baby thanks to a quilted cover which is water proof.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof cover


  • Really expensive

Made from bamboo fiber, this pad liner is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about infections on the delicate skin of your baby after using. Unlike most changing pads, Bamboo liner is durable and re-usable at the same time. It could also stand being machine washed to save you a lot of time.


  • Re-usable
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Gentle on skin
  • Waterproof


  • Quite thick for some children

With this machine washable pad liner, you can feel free to put it into a drier, which will definitely make it come out so fresh and clean. This liner comes in a pack of three units with plastic zipper bag. As a well-known manufacturer, Bieskin provides us with a durable product with a free baby washcloth, so it will save you a little money as you do not need to buy a new one.


  • Sustainable value
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton made
  • Waterproof
  • Free washcloth


  • Small size for several standard surfaces
  • Expensive

5. Conclusion

Keeping your child comfortable as well as clean should be your top priority every day. To achieve this task, all you have to do is making sure that you baby is treated with all necessary products or items. And a changing pad is not the exception.

Before you go for any changing pad products, remember to take into consideration all of the given information mentioned above as it will help you to choose the most suitable one for your needs as well as save some money as you do not need to throw away the pad before it spoils.

With a changing pad, you can give your child the most careful and dedicated treatment so that he or she would give you enjoyable smile every day.

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