​During the first year, diaper rash is probably one of the first issues your baby would encounter. And the best solution for this common problem is the diaper rash cream. This product helps to nurture their skin, relieve the irritation, and make your kids feel comfortable.


​In this article, we will provide you useful information on the effects, causes and types of the best diaper rash cream in the market these days.

​Common causes of diaper rash

  • The annoyance of the kid’s skin could happen by different elements, ranging from chemical influence, medicines, changes of diet, and sensitivity. In addition, the first and also the most common reason for diaper rash in baby is probably the wetness.
  • In general, the diaper would leave moisture on the skin of your kid, no matter how much water it absorbs. Moreover, as a kid could not control her bladder and bowels, the excrement bacteria and urine make a good condition for the diaper rash to develop. Even though when you clean and take care your kid thoroughly or buy the best diapers, those problems still occur, particularly with kids who have diarrhea or agile bowel.
  • The risks of developing diaper rash would increase if you leave your kid in a filthy diaper for a long time. As mentioned above, the skin of an infant is highly sensitive, so even the most careful cleaning would not keep this problem from occurring.
  • Regardless of condition or age, chafing would make the most important contribution to the diaper rash. This is mainly because rubbing your kid’s skin could develop rash. In addition, the sensitive reaction to perfume accompanied with disposable detergent or diaper that is used in the cloth diaper could make the rash happen as well.
  • In addition, changing to solid diet would be the most possible time for creating diaper rash in kids. It is simple to understand as new type of food would change the proportion of bowel move as well as the form of the stool. Interacting with milk of the mother could also develop the diaper rash on the skin because of the sensitivity to food that mother digested.
  • Another common reason for diaper rash is the infection or bacteria. This is mainly because area of diaper is the suitable place to develop, particularly when it is moist.

Useful tips for treating diaper rash

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  • After changing the diaper, remember to wash your hands carefully.
  • Check and change the diaper of your kid frequently if it gets soiled or wet.
  • When you want to get off the poop for your kid, use mild and clean water
  • Instead of rubbing the area, pat in a gentle way until it is dry and clean.
  • If you want to use wipe, remember to go for a mild one or apply a soft and clean washcloth. Try to avoid these types with alcohol or fragrances.
  • Make sure this area is totally dry and clean before you put the fresh diaper on your kid.

Bad diaper rashes will need extra solutions

  • Wash the area carefully by using a spray bottle without rubbing the kid’s sore skin.
  • Allow your baby to be free from diaper as much as possible. By doing this, it helps the skin of your kid to heal quickly. Do this task right after the bowel move to prevent any messes.

Tips for diaper laundry and switch

Some mothers find those changes would result in reducing diaper rash:

  • Change the kind of diaper for your kid. If you are using cloth, then try the disposable or any different brands.
  • If you are washing the cloth diaper, then change the detergent to a hypoallergenic and mild type.

Which factors to consider in the diaper rash cream?

  • When you are considering the best type diaper rash cream in the market, it is important to pay attention to information and find out which form of rash do your kids have. As mentioned in the sections above, it will require various kinds of cream to treat different forms of diaper rash. In addition, there are a wide range of products and brands in each form of diaper rash cream with various effects and ingredients.
  • Therefore, to be sure that you are going for the most suitable, always remember to find out specific elements that are showed to prevent moisture and avoid annoyance scientifically. In general, zinc oxide would be the first and also the most popular elements in diaper rash cream that most mothers often choose for in their kids. You need to look for the types of cream that are made with this element, and most additional substance would be bonus, including various oils, calendula, aloe, and so on.
  • The feedback and review of customer on diaper rash cream would be most useful when you are considering. Always remember to test any products for one or two weeks in advance regardless of the types or brands.

Short reviews for diaper rash cream


  • This product of Weleda, the leading brand of diaper rash cream in Europe, is made from natural oil of calendula plants, which are grown and developed naturally in the farms in Germany. Therefore, this would help to make sure the quality and natural characteristics of the scream.
  • The scream also consists of beeswax, zinc oxide with high quality, along with perfect extract of calendula.
  • As advertised, its smell is really beautiful.
  • The skin of your kid would absorb the scream rapidly, thereby relieving the uncomfortable feeling and diaper rashes in necessary time.
  • In addition, this product does not include any dyes, petroleum, preservatives or synthetic fragrance that would be harmful to your kid’s sensitive skin.
  • For all above reasons, the calendula diaper rash cream of Wedela always provides your kid with incredible performance.


  • Its price tag is really high compared to other types of diaper rash cream. This is mainly due to the aluminium casing as well as natural elements that lead to its perfect performance.
  • Some people find it a little bit difficult to squeeze out of the tube the last part remaining.
  • A couple of users may not like its packaging
  • The manufacturer does not distribute the product worldwide, mostly in Europe.


  • This type of diaper rash cream is completely made with natural ingredients, including extract of rosemary leaf, lavender oil, beeswax, and sweet oil of almond. Therefore, it is really a safe and perfect option for those who want to use organic and unharmed product for the skin of their baby.
  • Another good benefit of this Burt’s Bees product is the thickness, which would allow the cream to stick to the skin of your kid firmly and remain there for a time.
  • The skin as well as the diaper does not absorb the cream. Thus, it helps to form a barrier between a moist diaper and the skin of your kid.
  • The tube would fit easily in a small bag due to its flexible size.
  • There are not any chemical and unnecessary ingredients that would be harmful to the skin of your kid.


  • The price of this product is very expensive.
  • Many users find the scent of the cream is a little bit strong. This is simply because of its various natural and extract ingredients.


  • This product of Sudocrem is a licensed type, which helps to differentiate the Sudocrem with many other products in the market. This means that it is scientifically showed to help your kid heal the diaper rashes.
  • The Sudocream cream is considered as versatile. As its name, this is an antiseptic product that helps to protect, heal, sooth and sore bum as well. In addition, you could also the Sudocrem cream for graze, cut, minor burn, acne, and sunburn.
  • It is made with medicinal and antiseptic smell like lavender that is quite comfortable.
  • The product would last for a long time (usually up to 5 years)
  • The price tag is quite reasonable for a big tube compared to other diaper rash scream in the market.


  • It has alcoholic ingredient
  • This product would not be found easily in the stores.
  • It is quite difficult to wash off the scream and often leave the white cast if you use too much on the hands.


  • With the considerable amount of zinc oxide, this diaper rash cream of Triple would be a good solution for dealing with yeast rashes or severe and stubborn diaper rashes.
  • You could use the cream smoothly and easily thanks to its thick texture.
  • It is made without fragrance
  • The cream would remain on the skin of your kid quite firmly (wearing a diaper will not remove this) and prevent red vesicle or redness that happens on severer situations of diaper rash.
  • Apart from tackling the serious diaper rashes, this type of cream could also be applied effectively to avoid the farther return of any diaper rashes. In addition, it also make sure the comfortable time of wearing diaper for your kid.
  • This product is strong as some other type based on prescription and thus it offers the users with incredible performance.
  • It is highly recommended by most pediatricians to solve any problems related to annoyance on the skin of kids in all ages.


  • The price is a little bit high compared to other common products in the market.
  • A couple of buyers are delivered a wrong packaging (often in different size) when they are ordering online.


  • This diaper rash cream of Aquaphor is really multi-functional. You could use it treat different problems on the skin of your kid such as minor injuries and irritation.
  • Based on clinical evidence, it would relieve the diaper rash in just 6 hours after applying on the skin.
  • The cream is quite greasy and silky, so you would apply really easily and smoothly.
  • The skin would absorb the scream decently while it does not remain heavy on the skin of your kid after using.
  • It is made without any preservatives, dyes or fragrance. Therefore, you will not need to worry about any harms or unpleasant smell that the cream would do to the skin of your child.
  • Aquaphor is often considered the first brand in skin health and cosmetics products, which is often suggested by health experts. This helps to build the trust in the customer for the brand.
  • It is also widely used for treating any types of drying wound on both kids and adults.


  • The price tag is a little bit higher
  • A lot of people find the cream rather greasy and thick compared to the market standard, thus it quite hard to apply on the skin of your kid
  • After using for a considerable time, it could wear off


​To sum up, most parents always try to find the best ways to relieve the pain in their kids and make their lives better as well. No one wants their children to suffer, particularly from the unhealthy and unpleasant diaper rashes. In our point of view, the best type of diaper rash cream that you could find in the market these days would be the calendula product of Weleda. This is simply because it is completely made with natural and high-quality ingredients, including beeswax, zinc oxide and especially calendula extract that would solve the problems without doing extra harm to the skin of your kid. In addition, with quick absorption, this type of cream would help to relieve uncomfortable feeling and diaper rashes in necessary time.

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