1. Introduction

If you are a pregnant woman or breastfeeding a baby, then you need to be really careful. In addition to taking care of the health of you as well as your child, there are still many things related to your body that can cause embarrassing moments when you fail to pay attention to them. And the leakage of breast milk is one of those.


In general, while you are breastfeeding your child, your breast could have a lot of activities happening within it to produce adequate amount of milk. Those activities usually result in the leakage of milk even after you have provided your baby enough milk. When a wet spot appears on your dress, it could attract unwanted attention that is followed by shyness or embarrassment. Nevertheless, you do not need to be worried about this problem when you have the help of nursing pads.

2. What are nursing pads used for?

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Nursing pads (also known as breast pads) basically work as the sanitary towel for your breasts. In general, they are made from absorbent materials and thus can soak up any wet spots of breast milk. Even when you do not choose to breastfeed your baby, nursing pads might be still necessary while you are pregnant till your breasts stop producing milk. If you continue to express or breastfeed, your breasts will tend to leak until the supply of mild is well-established around 4 to 6 week after delivery. During this time, a couple women do not leak at all, some very little and the others a lot.

3. Benefits of using nursing pads

The nursing pads possess perfect functionality. The following are some advantages of using those helpful pads:

Soaking milk leakages: If you are living in a large family or a working mother, then it is always necessary for you to look clean and attractive. Using these nursing pads inside the bra would help to soak the milk leakage from your breasts and would cover all wet spots by keeping it from showing on the dress. In general, they will keep your breasts intact and create a barrier between clothing and the nipples. When they get soaked fully, you can change to the others.

Breast firming: Your breasts tend to lack elasticity, depending on the suckling habit of your baby. Even an aiding garment inside could not able to make them look good or firmer in a dress. These nursing pads will provide a firm appearance to the breasts and also keep them in good position.

Curing tenderness: After breast feeding for a couple days, your nipples would often become tender and delicate. Thus, you will feel discomfort and pain whenever they touch your clothing.

To prevent any such pain, nursing pads are a perfect choice as they will help to create a softer layer and gradually make the breasts to get better from soreness.

4. How to use nursing pads

In fact, those nursing pads are really easy to use. They are often designed with soft materials to slip gently inside the bra and hold around your nipples. Even when the pads are not soaked, you should replace them for a fresh clean ones every couple hours because leaving on a pad too long could result in milk leakage or an infection in the breasts due to bacteria and thrush, which love the moist and dark conditions.

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To use a nursing pad, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Slip the pads inside your bra and position them correctly so that they enclose your nipples.
  • Place the pads suitably and wear a bra with the suitable size to ensure that they do not moved around.
  • Change the pads if necessary, especially when they are completely soaked, and get rid of the wet ones.

5. Important factors to consider when choosing nursing pads

These days you can see a wide variety of breast pad brands and designs in the market, from wash-and-wear pad to disposable pad. However, since they are really expensive, you need to weigh the requirements before going for these pads. The following are some necessary things that you need to take into consideration:

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The material of a breast pad is very important.

  • These pads need to be made from soft materials to offer softness and comfort to your delicate breasts.
  • Find the pads that are made to fit the cup size of your bra exactly.
  • Never select a pad that is completely made out of plastic because it could affect the area of nipple when there is no air flow.

Absorbing quality

Some types of pad are made with better absorbing capacity than the others in the market.

  • The pads with bamboo-lining or soft cushion-form materials can be a perfect choice as these materials have better absorbing capability compared to cotton.
  • Compared to plastic nursing pads, fabric ones tend to be a lot more absorbent.
  • Plastic materials are not comfortable since they retain the moisture, which would lead to development of bacteria as well as nipples soreness.
  • If you have a tight budget, then disposable and washable nursing pads would be a good choice.

Anti-leak guard

In general, fabric nursing pads would not be able to prevent your milk from leaking completely and could make it to emerge on the clothes and make it dirty.

  • To avoid such problems, you should use type of nursing pad that is designed with anti-leak guard.
  • The outer lining of a pad has anti-leak facility.
  • It has laminated moisture lining at the inside wall that helps to keep the leaking moisture inside as well as prevent it from moving out.
  • Therefore, air could come in the space so that your breasts’ skin can breathe.

Breast pad pocket

In general, the disposable pad is rather inexpensive so you can throw it away once it gets soaked to avoid the hassles of washing.

  • Some pads are made with pad pocket, which could keep washable fully in place, to make it more convenient for a nursing mother.
  • A nursing pad would be able to hold onto the cup thanks to a clip, which makes it simpler for you to free it only with a hand move.

Bust shape improvement

These days, some manufacturers produce breast pads which help to improve your bust shape.

  • If your breast is bending down a little bit when feeding your baby, those pads could offer elegance to your look.
  • Ensure that you do not wear extremely thin dresses because it could show the breast pads that are placed inside your garment.
  • Dress sensibly and fashionably to avoid embarrassment. Go for a breast pad of any materials that you like and prepare a couple breast pads in your purse whenever you go out.

6. Review

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

The Lansinoh nursing pads are probably the mother of most disposables and also the most popular products in the market. These pads offer thorough care for new moms with an active lifestyle. Made from polymers, it helps to prevent leakage and absorb milk. The special contours provide non-slip adhesive tape to keep your breasts in place. In addition, you can prevent excessive moisture from the skin with these super absorbent and ultra-thin pads.


  • Super absorbent and ultra-thin
  • Special contours with discreet fit
  • Non-slip adhesive tape
  • Individually wrapped
  • Draw milk away from your skin


  • Quite expensive
  • Sticky pad needs to be stronger

Johnson's Nursing Pads

The nursing pads of Johnson are one of the highest rated products, which are 50 per cent more absorbent than other models. They are made for complete discretion and confident protection to help a mother feel and look her best so that she could enjoy the special bond when nursing a baby.


  • Very absorbent
  • Adhesive strip
  • Exclusive shape of contour
  • Plastic lining
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Not individually wrapped
  • Quite expensive

LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads

If you want a very discreet choice, then Lilypadz pads would be the answer. These nursing pads are nearly paper thin and cannot be seen under your bra. You can use them to stop any milk leakage by pressing a little to your nipples. The manufacturer accommodates for mothers with larger chests by offering a larger size if they are over the DD cup.


  • Suitable for swimming
  • Very discreet and comfortable
  • Prevent leaking instead of absorbing
  • Provide larger size
  • Good once milk supply is well-established


  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for excessive leakage

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads

These Lansinoh Soothies are basically reusable gel pads in short term. They are designed mainly to prevent friction and offer cooling relief in sore nipples. Within 72 hours, you can reuse them to any milk leakage.


  • Perfect for sore nipples
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Instant and cooling pain relief
  • BPA free
  • Fabric baking


  • Expensive
  • Could not be washed

Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads

This product of Bamboobies is often rated as the best washable nursing pads in the market. In every pack, you will get 3 pads with different absorbing ability to change for using day and night. Basically, they are designed with cute heart shape and contour to keep your breasts stay in their place.


  • Very comfortable and soft
  • Skin friendly
  • Very absorbent
  • Different pads for using day and night
  • Cute heart shape


  • Cannot use with lanolin
  • Expensive

7. Conclusion

Most of us agree that breastfeeding is undoubtedly good for the growth of our baby. However, it is sometimes a problem as being noticed the clothes get soaked or wet because of milk leakage is really uncomfortable and embarrassing. These days, with the help of a breast pad, this issue could be avoidable.

All of the nursing pad products mentioned above are used and preferred widely by a lot of mothers. Therefore, if you are an inexperienced mom, this buying guide is a good choice for you to get some necessary information and reviews in choosing your suitable one. We hope that your process of breastfeeding would be more enjoyable thanks to the nursing pads.

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