Most children spend a lot of their time on the high chairs, which are often used to keep babies safe when you are doing something. In fact, they could often play, eat and even take a nap in them.

Therefore, a high chair would become dirty easily, especially when eating as foods will find their way into each crevice and crack. Along with other filthy elements as time goes by, it is really important to keep the high chair clean so that your baby would not suffer from common problems with dirty environment.


In this article, we will show you some basic information and useful tips on how to clean high chair straps, frame, tray, harness and seat so that you baby would play and eat in a healthy place.

Is it easy to clean a high chair?

As mentioned above, most of our kids usually make a lot of messy things during their feeding time. Even though most of them would be disappeared, a considerable coating would be left in the high chair as well, especially straps and tray.

A high chair which is hard to clean is enough to make any moms scream in annoyance. Therefore, you should avoid the stress and go for an easy to wipe down the high chair of your baby from the beginning.

When taking a high chair into consideration, take a look at the tray, frame and harness. Look for any places or parts that might be challenging to wipe down or tiny crevices and crack that might catch or trap foods. In addition, pay special attention to the places that would be within the reach of your baby because those would almost definitely be covered with food at a point or another.

While a cushioned type of high chair might seem to offer your child with a comfortable playing and eating experience, elements that are made of fabric could be rather difficult to be cleaned. Therefore, go for vinyl or plastic seats. In addition, if you really need to go down a cushioned seat path, then select a model with a detachable cover.

3 simple and useful tips to cleaning a high chair

In general, a lot of children love their cushy and pleasant high chair with extra-wide tray, comfy seat and faux leather. However, for many parents, it seems to be like a spill magnet and big crumb, which are filled with a lot of crannies as well as nooks and suitable for hiding pea from those who know how many crushed crackers, ketchup drips and meals ago.

When it comes to a high chair of your baby, if you are having the same feeling as I am, try those 3 simple tips below to make it simpler and more effectively in cleaning your baby’s playing and eating place.

1. Do the cleaning everyday

Use a non-toxic cleaning wipe or wet rag to wipe down the area of seat quickly so that any spills could be cleaned up before they get hard and dry. In addition, remember to hand wash the tray with warm water and dish soap, or pop the detachable tray into a dishwasher.

2. Deal with the crevices

In this cleaning tip, you would use the vacuum's detachable nozzle for sucking any crumbs up. However, you could also use an old toothbrush, cotton swab or dental floss, along with a moist rag to take away any small elements of food. In the other hand, rub hardened spots of food with non-toxic cleaning combination (water, vinegar, and a little bit of dish soap would work well) or warm water and then allow them to be soaked for a couple of minutes before scrubbing.

3. Clean the seat and straps

If you have parts that could be washed by machine, then throw all of them in the laundry. However, if you want the seat of a high chair to last for multiple children, take hand washing into consideration. In fact, you could wipe down the straps and seat by using a rag and warm soapy to remove any grime and dirt in a gentle way, or applying hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural substance that helps to kill germs and bacteria without leaving any residue.

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