Crab is probably one of the most delicious seafood on earth. In addition, it is also nutritious thanks to its nourishing elements without saturated fat such as Omega 3 and proteins.

However, many people wonder if eating crab foods like crake cake while pregnant is safe or not as a lot of good things turn not-so-good throughout this period. Nevertheless, it is not really true with crab foods. Many scientists have regarded crab as nutritious and healthy for a pregnant woman.


Can woman eat crab during pregnancy?

In general, you could eat crab product as long as it is properly cooked and hygienically made. Crab foods such as sashimi, sushi or crabmeat should not be used simple because they are not suitably cooked and would do harm to the baby and you.

You should not also consume the guts and organs of fish or shellfish since they might contain high amount of mercury. In fact, the biggest risk of eating seafood in pregnancy is that they have natural pollutants such as dioxins, mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (or PCBs). In addition, the expertise announces that frozen crab foods would have listeria contamination.

Therefore, remember to check with a healthcare provider or doctor before eating crab, particularly when your levels of cholesterol are not under control.

Factors to consider when consuming crab during pregnancy

You need to be very careful when selecting crabs since your immune system, which is already overloaded, would have to fight with many harmful substances.

1. Select king crab: This is probably the safest option of seafood for a pregnant woman. Other popular products include Dungeness crab, snow crab and blue crab, but those are not regarded as secure as king crab as they contain high levels of mercury.

In general, mercury could have an effect on the development of baby’ nervous system and brain as well as lead to several health complication in a pregnant woman. Even though crab products do not have as much amount of mercury as other seafood, you still have to take it into consideration.

2. Avoid pre-cooked crab dishes or raw crab: In general, they would be infected with parasites and microorganisms that could lead to food poisoning. In addition, they have an effect not only on the mom’s health, but also on the development of your baby.

3. Do not consume undercooked crab food: This is simply because it is as harmful as raw crab. Thus, never use crab if it is not cooked sufficiently. When the crab meat is cooked correctly, hazardous parasites and microorganisms would be destroyed by heat.

4. Do not buy frozen crab product: You should not use frozen seafood mainly because it is likely to suffer from bacteria. Instead, you could buy crab foods stored in a pouch or sealed can.

5. Prepare food hygienically: Remember to wash all the utensils, cutleries, and area for food prep before as well as after preparing the raw crab meat. In addition, you should also use separate cutting boards and knives. Keep the remaining food in an airtight can in a deep freezer and throw any stale foods away, which have been left out for more than 2 hours under surrounding temperature.

Health advantages of consuming crab during pregnancy

The following are some advantages of eating crab food, but remember ask for advice from a doctor before consuming it.

1. Aid general development of a fetus:

Crab foods contain high amount of vitamin D, vitamin A, protein, fatty acids and omega 3. Thus, consuming crabs during pregnancy would help to promote general development of your baby.

2. Improve your immune system:

Antioxidants and amino acids in crab food would improve your immune levels and energy during pregnancy.

3. Fight anemia:

With high levels of healthy iron, which would prevent a pregnant women from anemia. In addition, it also helps to keep stable levels of healthy hemoglobin in your baby after birth.

4. High in calcium:

The rich levels of calcium means that the development of teeth and bone of your baby would be promoted.

5. Low amount of calories:

Crab contains very low amount of calories, which would be would as could eat it without being worried about gaining weight.

6. Low levels of cholesterol:

An expectant mom with low or normal level of cholesterol could consume crab food while those with high one have to consult a doctor.

Suggested amount of crab during pregnancy

In general, a pregnant woman could eat up to 6 ounces of crab food in 2 times each week. The best choice is king crab as it has lowest levels of mercury. Other types of crab such as Dungeness crab, snow crab and blue crab have higher amounts of mercury, and thus you need to eat less than 6 ounces each month. However, to have the safest pregnancy, stay away from those varieties during your pregnancy.

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