In pregnant period, you should choose the benign and rich nutrient food such as artichokes.

Artichokes have low content of fat, sugar and calories and high content of fiber. Therefore, artichokes are very good for pregnant woman’s health as well as the development of the fetus.


1. Provide choline

Choline is an important nutrient like vitamin B so it is usually classified in the same group as a member of the vitamin B complex. The body only produces a very small amount of choline. Therefore, the use of rich choline food is very important.

Specifically, choline supports the development of brain cells of fetal. Choline also helps to improve memory and protect the fetal from diseases related to the nervous system. For pregnant woman, choline limits the risk of breast cancer, heart diseases. Some experts recommend that pregnant woman should apply at least 41 milligrams of choline per day.

2. Rich source of folate

Each flower of artichoke contains 107 micrograms of folate. Folate is very beneficial for the development of the fetus, especially the formation of new cells. The risk of neural tube defect will be lower if the fetus is applied enough folate. In addition, folate in artichoke also helps to protect the brain and skull of the fetus, reduce the premature birth and low weight of birth. Pregnant woman can cook artichoke with meat or eat artichoke with pasta and pizza…

3. Rich of fiber

During pregnancy, woman has risk of intestinal diseases higher than not pregnancy. The higher development of the fetus causes more pressure on the digestive system. If pregnant woman eat artichoke regularly, it will be helpful for the condition of intestinal action.

There are about 10 grams of fiber in each artichoke that protects pregnant woman from bad digestion symptoms during pregnancy such as constipation.

4. A lot of magnesium

Magnesium is essential ingredient for the development of children since they are still in the womb. If pregnant woman is lacking of this nutrient, they will get the phenomenon of cramps, water retention and numb in legs easily. Meanwhile, artichoke is very good source of magnesium, up to 50 milligrams per artichoke so it can meet your needs.

5. Low fat and cholesterol

If you eat less high – calorie food during pregnancy, the risk of complications, postpartum will be lower. Cholesterol applied for the body should not over 300 milligrams per day. Artichoke does not contain cholesterol and it helps for healthy heart.

6. The other nutrients

Besides of all the above benefits, artichoke also offers a variety of other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin A and calcium. Vitamin C will boost the immune system of children and avoid the risk of early birth.

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