After postpartum, the mother usually face with a lot of common health and psychology problems. Therefore, the health care as well as psychology care for mother after postpartum are extremely important. Let’s find out what needs to be noted and how to take care of women after postpartum so that both mother and baby will be comfortable in the first period of postnatal.


1. Take care of breast

  • After giving the birth, most of women begin to have colostrum. Therefore, the breast should be cleaned daily before and after breastfeeding.
  • Before breastfeeding, mother should massage the breasts gently. Breast care is one of the postnatal care for mother. It helps mother to feel comfort and the baby will get enough milk.

2. Take care of sensitive areas

  • The mother should maintain good hygiene for vagina and walk slowly.
  • There are many ways to take care of the sensitive areas such as maintaining good hygiene, wearing tampon, changing tampon, keeping the vagina always clean and dry. In addition, the mother should not take part in many activities, not lay too much time in the bed. The mother also should practice gentle sports. The mother should eat many foods that contains rich source of fiber to avoid constipation...
  • After giving birth, mother can bathe normally but should not soak in the tub and have proper rest.

3. Some ways to recover pregnant women's health quickly after giving birth

​Take a rest:

  • Due to lacking of energy after postnatal, taking a rest of mother plays an important role for their health. It is good for pregnant women health both in physically and mentally, especially for young mothers who give birth for the first time.
  • During a break, the good therapy for mother is the care of other people including family and friends. It will help the mother recover health quickly.


  • The mother should have suitable diet menu.
  • The mother should eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, foods with great sources of protein such as meat, cheese, powdered food, fiber… to prevent constipation. The mother should drink a lot of water to enhance milk. Having suitable diet is the best health care method after pregnancy.
  • The mother should not drink some beverages such as tea, coffee, alcohol ... and should drink a lot of fruit juice, milk.

Pay attention to the incisions:

  • Some women who have surgery when giving a birth should maintain good hygiene to avoid infection. They should pay attention to clean the wound regularly and keep the incisions dry all the time.
  • When there is the phenomenon of swelling, bleeding in the incision, the mother must visit a doctor.
  • After postpartum, mother should have gentle movements and should not lay all the time in the bed. In case of constipation, the mother can have hot-water, hot baths, massage the abdomen areas.

Pay attention when having a bath:

  • After postpartum, women should not avoid having bath as taking a shower soon will help to clean the dead skin cells and balance skin tones.
  • Women should bath with warm water, in a closed room and under the shower. Women should not soak in the tub.

Wish the mother will recover health soon after giving a birth.

Nancy D. Richardson

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