For most of us, a fleece blanket would be a good choice for a chilling day in the winter. Nevertheless, just as any other types of bedding, a fleece blanket would easily suffer from spill, food, hair product and body oil. Therefore, it is really important to know how to wash and clean a fleece blanket effectively so that you and your baby would have comfortable and warm feeling during freezing and cold weather conditions.


In general, the most effective way to keep a fleece blanket in its best condition would be washing and cleaning it in a suitable method, which is particularly used for fleece material. If you wash a fleece blanket as one with cotton fabric, it would possibly do harm to your blanket and make it to pill and lose it shape quickly.

By reading carefully and following 4 simple steps of washing a fleece blanket below, you would be able to keep it in good condition for a long time.

Step 1: Removing all stains and spots

Use a few drops of liquid for dishwashing to remove soiled spots and stains on the fleece blanket. Remember to allow this substance to soak in the spots and stains for at least ten minutes. After that, take a paper towel to remove the stains by pressing on the surface and removing as much soap as you could.

Bear in mind that you should not rub the spots or stains mainly because you would spread or press them deeper to the fleece material.

Step 2: Wash the fleece blanket

Put your blankets into the washing machine. It is often suggested to wash items with the same fleece material or color to prevent abrasion or damage with other types of clothes.

Before you start, make sure to set the machine on a mode with gentle cycle as stronger cycles might make your fleece fabric to create complicated knots.

Just use warm water, not hot, for a fleece blanket. In addition, add washing power without bleach to your washing machine. It is not wise to use so much material softeners for washing a fleece blanket as they would damage the water repellent finish, which is used for a lot of fleece stuff in the process of manufacturing.

Step 3: Make it dry

Set the dryer in low heat mode with gentle cycles to make your fleece blanket dry. Remember not to apply a setting with high heat simply because it would damage the fleece material.

After your dryer stops operating, immediately take the fleece blanket out and then fold it to avoid wrinkles. If it is too soft or fluffy, you should place it on a flat ground and use your hands to press it down.

Always remember not to do the ironing on a fleece blanket as it would make fleece synthetic material melt and also leave stains or marks on your blanket.

If weather condition is clement and you have enough space, hanging the fleece blanket outside is a good choice so that it would dry without smell.

Step 4: Store

After washing, if you want to store the fleece blanket, fold it carefully and put a dryer sheet with strong pleasant smell in its last fold. It would help to keep your blanket fresh when it is kept in a linen closet.

​Other useful tricks and tips

  • In some situations, using hard water when you are washing a fleece blanket could make it become rough. Therefore, you should add a few amount of softener to the water if necessary to keep the clothes as well as blanket in comfortable and soft condition.
  • If the fleece blanket has a tendency to shed while being in a washing machine, you should put it on a big pillow case before placing it into the washing machine.
  • Remember not to us dryer sheet on a soft fleece blanket mainly because it would make the surface of your blanket become rough by leaving a coating. If this situation happens, you should attempt to use additional rinse cycles to make sure that you have removed all of the washing powder or detergent.

Other potential threats to a fleece blanket

In general, steaming, pressing, ironing or dry cleaning could all possibly make the plastic fibres of a fleece blanket to melt easily, so remember not to apply any of those methods on fleece material. As mentioned above, a fleece blanket could be made from wide range of fibre, but it is often suggested not to bear the risks when you are not sure. In addition, it is also the reason why you need to pay special attention while making a fleece blanket dry if the temperature of your dryer is not too hot simply because it would result in the similar consequence.


Fleece blanket is a perfect choice for your kids on a freezing day in the winter thanks to its soft fuzziness and warm surface. Nevertheless, it is frequently exposed to many things such as body oil, hair product or food, which makes it important to washing your blanket often.

In times, many people find their fleece blanket lose the softness after washing for a few times. This is often occurs due to improper laundry of fleece. Therefore, you need to learning a suitable method to wash and clean your fleece blanket to keep it in best condition.

By reading carefully and following mentioned steps above, you would be sure that your fleece will remain smooth and soft for a long time, regardless of its material.

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