The first time a Mother hears her baby crying is usually a very emotional moment because it is a sign that her baby is breathing and alive. After a few weeks or months, however, this crying may lead to frustration or even general concern about the baby’s well being.

Some persons are blessed with babies who do not cry a lot, but others have babies who sometimes cry a lot. You may have tried soothing your fussy baby in many different ways and it hasn’t helped. Well, thank God you are reading this article.


Why Is Your Baby Fussy?

This first tip for calming your baby is to figure out why the baby is so fussy. Babies may be fussy for one of several of reasons.

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  1. ​Your baby wants to be moved. If you really think about it, nobody really likes being in the same place for an extended period of time and when they are in the womb, babies are continually moving. Try a change of scenery whether another room or outdoors. A swing is also a good option for soothing and calming a fussy baby.
  2. Your baby wants to be picked up. Your baby may long for the feel of being in the womb and want to feel warm and cozy. If you do not want to keep holding the baby, try swaddling or using a sling.
  3. Your baby wants to be stimulated by sound. Sometimes absolute silence can make some babies fussy. This may have been what led to parents to sing to their children to soothe them when they cry. You may want to try white noises or even turning on a fan.
  4. Your baby wants to be burped or has bad gas. When too much air gets trapped inside the baby, it can be an uncomfortable feeling when it can’t get out. The baby may get very fussy as a result. If burping doesn’t seem to help, you may want to speak with your paediatrician about gas medicines.
  5. Your baby is too hot or too cold. Is your baby sweating? Are their hands or feet feeling really cold? Remember that they cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults can. Try dressing them a bit warmer if it is a cold day or remove some clothing if it warm.
  6. Your baby has colic. If this is the case and you are breastfeeding, you may be able to avoid or lessen this based on your diet. Try not to consume dairy products, onions, caffeine and anything that has the potential to irritate your baby’s stomach. If the baby does get colicky, try the colic hold (place baby face down and rock back and forth).
  7. Your baby is teething. Some babies show little to no symptoms of teething while some are extremely cranky and fussy. If you realise that your baby is fussy and rubbing her gums, try a pacifier or a cold teething ring. If you prefer not to use these soothers, there are more natural methods as well as medications that may help to ease your baby’s pain.

So You Think You Have Tried It All And Nothing Seems To Work.

Here Are Some Additional Tricks To Soothe Your Baby.

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  • Give your baby a massage. Massages can be just as soothing for your baby as it is for adults.
  • Remove all stimulation from around your baby. Some babies prefer limited stimulation so try turning the TV and lights off and see how well that works.
  • Entertain your baby. Trying to make your baby laugh may distract her from what is making her fussy. Sometimes your baby may just bored. Whether it is a little peek-a-boo or you want to pretend to tickle your baby, try playing with the baby to see if that will help.
  • Give the baby an interactive toy. The lights or sound from a toy may distract a baby just enough to stop her from fussing.
  • Put on some cartoons. For some reason, there are some babies that seem to watch the TV intently as if they understand what goes on in cartoons. Find a child appropriate cartoon or TV show for your baby to look watch.

Remember that all babies are not wired the same way so what works for one does not have to work for all.

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