Let’s learn the importance of letting children go to bed before 9 pm and how to create this good habit of going to bed early and sleep well.

In the past, children usually go to bed very early while today, children often prefer to sleep late and feel annoy when parents push them to go to bed early. However, many researches have shown that before 9 pm is the primetime for the children to go to sleep as it plays a very important role for the health and development of children. Why parents should let the children go to bed before 9 pm?


​The first benefits of letting children go to bed early is to help the children’s height develop fully. Development is a very important part of children in the early years and the process of development only happen when the children is asleep. In the 4th stage of sleep which is the period from 10 pm to 12: 30 am, hormones of height development grow very strong in this period. The percentage of hormones can up to 20% - 40% of the total amount of hormones in the whole day. If the children stay up late, the amount of hormones will not produce more. As a result of that, the children will not develop more.

​Therefore, you should create the habit of going to bed early for children, preferably before 9 pm. After sleeping about 30 minutes, the children will come to deep period of sleep. And after one more hour, the children turn to peak hour for growth hormones. Thus, the height of children will develop completely.

​Not only that, many researches has shown that children that get enough sleep will work more efficient, more focus and be able to learn information better. When the children sleep early, they will have better memory and studying ability will increase 1.5 times. On the opposite, when children sleep late, they will have less concentrate, bad natural memory, low learning ability.

​So how we can create early sleep habits and good sleep for the children?

​Parents should be the formation of early sleep habits for children because the children learn the most amount of information from adult habits. Forming healthy habits of sleeping for children is an extremely important task because it creates a healthy life. And it will have positive impact on the health of children both in physically and mentally.

​Change the sleep time of whole family

​This means that you not only push the children go to bed early but also change the sleeping habits of the whole family. If children are lying in the bed and still see the lights or hear the sound of parents talking or watching TV, of course they will not want to sleep. They will think that it is time to play, watch TV and dance around the house.

​Create some routines at bedtime

​For example, parents can read to children before bedtime. Thus after a few days, the child will know that when parents read a book, it is time to bed.

​Check the lamp in children’s room

​The lamp plays an important role of the children’s sleep. The yellow lights is believed to help the body relax and prepare for sleeping.

​Turn off all technologies at bedtime

​The light from the phone or Ipad has strong influence on the sleep and if the parents use these devices before bedtime, it will make a bad example for children.

​Gentle exercise

​A walk or bike ride after dinner will help to improve quality of sleep.

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