Before getting sick, there are often some warning signs. So parents should be active to prevent children from illness so that they will not be worse.

One of the interesting things is that children will have these symptoms when they are about to get sick



Abnormal mood

Because babies don’t know how to speak so they can not make the parents to understand their languages. Before getting sick children have expressed their tired and irritable feeling. When they can not speak, they can only express the feeling by their mood.

​Some signs of fever of children are discomfort, irritability, red lips, dry lips… In addition, parents should pay attention to some other signs such as crying suddenly, do not eat…

​In this case, parents should not blame the children or make things more stressful. The children are just very tired.


​If children are suddenly sweating too much when the room temperature is not too high or they do not wear many thick clothes, they do not drink hot milk or do too many activities. These signs are showed that your children may suffer diseases.

​If the children can sleep well in the conditional room and continue to sweat, the children can be nutritional disorders and infectious diseases. If the children are regularly sweating at night, they can be rickets and malnutrition.

​Change the taste

​If the children suddenly feel anorexia, lazy eating… it seems that your children has stomach ulcers, chronic enteritis, tuberculosis, liver dysfunction, parasitic diseases, ascaris or hookworms… Other reasons also cause lazy eating such as poisoning zinc, lacking of vitamin A, vitamin D…

​Abnormal stool

​If children have abnormal stool like hard and solid stool, it can be caused by constipation. We can guess the children’s health due to the color of stool. If your baby’s stool is white, blue or red, it is extremely dangerous and you should take them to the doctor immediately.

​Can not sleep well

​Sleeping well and deep sleep have a lot contribute to the overall development of the children. Parents can know whether the children are ill or not by their sleep. If the children are sleeping well, breathing well with deep sleep, these are the good signs.

​If the children are sleeping less and easy to wake up, they is able to have pain somewhere such as toothache or headache… In addition, other reasons can be itches, digestive disorders… Parents also should pay attention when the baby sleeps discomfort, tired, hard to breath, waking up with sweating…

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