When children go to the kindergarten, they will contact with new environment so they will risk of illness. Therefore, parents should take care of them to prevent and limit some diseases for children.


Why children usually get sick when they go to kindergarten?

Children can be stress when they contact to strange people and it makes the kidney increase to product cortisol substance. This substance can reduce the resistance and immune system of children so they are easy to get sick.

Other reason why children usually get sick is they are infected some disease from their classmates. In the class, they have close contact, touch and hold dirty toys by hands and mouth from other classmate.

Moreover, their immune system does not develop completely and is quite weak. Therefore, it is the most important factor that makes children sick more often with longer time to get better. Children can easy to be sick back and forth when they go to the kindergarten.

Some common illness children often meet when they go to the kindergarten

Some psychological disorder: fear, cry, protest and refuse to go to the kindergarten.

Respiratory system infections: runny nose, cough, virus fever, bronchitis, pneumonia.

Infectious diseases: petechial fever, chickenpox, virus fever.

Malnutrition: children can lose weight and suffer malnutrition after a long time of getting sick.

How to prevent children from sickness when they go to the kindergarten?

You should prepare the good mentality for children before they go to the kindergarten so that children can get familiar with new environment. You can take them to the kindergarten before the new school year start. Moreover, you can let your children get in touch with teachers and their classmate a few weeks before they official go to the kindergarten.

You should not pamper or storm at children when they have some bad behaviors such as crying and screaming.

You also can let children follow the meal and sleep as kindergarten’s schedule in advance.

You should always talk to children about new things they may meet in the kindergarten so that they will not feel lost in new environment.

You can stimulate your children to discover some interesting things in the kindergarten and they will feel happy to go to the kindergarten every day.

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