Nutrition plays an important role of the brain development of the children. Just similar with the body, the brain absorbs nutrients from foods. 10 foods in the below topic are used to improve the memory, increase the ability of focus and imagination of the children.


1. Fish

All kinds of fish, especially salmon contain great sources of omega 3 and fatty acids. These nutrients are essential to brain development of the children. Applying enough sources of fatty acids help to improve the children’s thought.

2. Egg

Eggs contain a lot of nutrients such as fatty acids, omega 3, zinc and choline. Choline is one of the important nutrients of children as it stimulates the ability of focus of the children. The great idea for a quick and healthy breakfast is egg rolls with a little of vegetable inside.

​3. Cereals

​Cereal is a supplier of glucose (the needed source of energy for brain) and vitamin B (it is good for the nervous system). Cereals can be added to most of the breakfast to provide enough energy for the brain.

​4. Oats / oatmeal

​Oats/ oatmeal contain a large amount of fiber and energy so that the children will always feel full and do not want to eat junk foods. Besides, oats/ oatmeal are also a source of vitamins B, E and zinc which are very good for the brain development of the children.

​5. All kind of berries

​Mulberries, blueberries and raspberries are the fruits with very rich sources of vitamin C, antioxidants. These vitamin sources help to improve the memory and reduce stress. Their seeds also contain omega 3. If the strawberries and raspberries have darker color, it contains more nutrients. It can be cooked as smoothies and desserts for the meal.

​6. All kinds of beans

​Beans provide large amounts of protein, fiver, vitamins and minerals. All kinds of beans are very good for the heart and brain of the children. Beans can be used in salad dishes and even be added to pasta for more nutrients meals.

​7. Milk and yogurt

​Vitamins are very essential ingredients for the development of nerve cells. Milk and dairy products are very rich of these nutrients. Low fat milk and yogurt are the great source of proteins and vitamin B. The children should be added these proteins and vitamin B more than the adults. That is the reason why milk and dairy products are highly recommended for the children.

​8. Vegetables

​The fruits and vegetables with a variety of colors provide antioxidants and keep the brain cells healthy. The parents should add these fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and cauliflower to daily diet menu of the children.

​9. Beef

​Beef and pork are good sources of zinc and iron that are good for the children to maintain their energy and ability of concentrate in the class.

​10. Avocado

​Avocado has a lot of nutrient beneficial for the brain health. Avocado is helpful for circulation and blood. Avocado also contains oleic acid that helps for brain cells to transmit information with greater speed. Moreover, a large amount of vitamin B in avocado also contributes to reduce the risk of hypertension of the infant.

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