Many parents can attest to the fact that it is not always an easy task to get a baby to sleep. At some point or another, the baby will be fussy or just unwilling to sleep for whatever reason.

When it is night time and you need sleep for work in the morning, or you just need your baby to take a nap so you can get a few things done, you may want to pull out all the tricks to get your baby to sleep.


Reasons why your baby isn’t sleeping

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But why is your baby not sleeping? Here are some reasons.

  • Your baby has gas pain
  • The baby is getting new teeth
  • The diaper is full
  • The temperature is not right (too hot or too cold)
  • Your baby is hungry
  • Her sleeping pattern is changing
  • Your baby is too excited
  • The environment is preventing her from sleeping
  • Your baby just isn’t tired
  • The baby is uncomfortable
  • Your baby is sick

Once you know the reason why your baby is not sleeping as much as she should, it is often easier to get your baby to sleep. Other parents may have told you what they did to get their baby to sleep but it doesn’t work on your baby. Don’t worry. Here are some tricks that may just work for you and your little one.

How to get your baby to sleep

You will notice that some of these tricks are quite commonly used while some seem a bit unconventional. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. They all can work but remember that your baby is just as much of an individual as you are.

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  1. Let your baby wind-down before bedtime at nights. Playing may make some babies tired, but it only causes some babies to get excited and that makes them want to stay awake even longer. Replace play time with reading a book, singing a lullaby or even giving your baby a massage.
  2. Create a good sleep environment. Some babies are bothered by sound when they are falling asleep. Others need some form of noise so they can fall asleep. Determine what works better for your baby and provide that environment. Some babies need static sounds from a TV or radio, a vacuum running or even the noise from a fan so they can sleep. They call these white noises. Others require perfect silence.
  3. Use Lavender. For some reason, Lavender seems to work magic when putting a baby to sleep. Use lavender scented products for bath time or lavender scented freshener to get your baby to sleep. Some persons have been known to even put a few drops on a piece of cloth in the baby’s room.
  4. Use a swing. If you do not have a baby swing or have just casually thought about purchasing one, you may want to go ahead and make that purchase. Swings are known to soothe and calm babies to the point where they fall asleep without parental interference. Remember that most swings usually have the option to play soothing music which should help your baby to fall asleep.
  5. Go for a drive. For some reason, there are babies who fall asleep very quickly once you take them for a drive. Try this with your little one and see how well it works. Even better, there are some who will fall asleep once they are placed in the car seat for a little while.

If these tricks still haven’t worked, here are some rather unconventional tricks.

  • Gently caress your baby’s face with tissue paper.
  • Avoid eye contact with your baby while putting her to sleep.
  • Hold the baby close to your chest and breathe deeply and rhythmically.
  • Let your baby exercise shortly before bedtime.
  • Be careful of your caffeine intake if you are breastfeeding.

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Although you would love to use one method every time you want to put your baby to bed, note that one method may not always work all the time. If you realise that a trick no longer works for your little one, switch it up and try something new.

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