1. Vaccinations

According to the Center of Disease Control, the best way to prevent flu for children (and even adults) is vaccinated. Flu vaccination is used for all ages, especially for those under 5 years old baby.

2. Let the children stay at home when they feel unwell

This is the best way to prevent the spread of flu germs when the children come to kindergarten or school.

3. Keep the children's hands clean

There are a lot of germs residing on their little hand for a whole day. Therefore, parents should wash children’s hands regularly with soap and warm water, especially after the children eat, cough, sneeze, running nose or go to the bathroom.

4. Parents should cough, sneeze or blow their nose into a tissue, not their hand

In order to avoid spreading flu germs from parents to children, parents should sneeze into a tissue. Parents should try to avoid coughing or sneezing into their hand because parents’ hands usually contact with the children. If tissue is not available at that time, parents can cough on their elbow and turn their head away from their children.

5. Do not allow the baby to touch their eyes, nose or mouth

Flu viruses can spread from the children hands into their body through the eyes, nose and mouth. So you try to not let the children touch their face as much as possible. If the parents want to clean the children’s face, parents should wash their hands clean with soap and water.

6. Let the children take a deep rest

When the children take a sleep, rest and relax, their immune system has a chance to go hunting and kill the harmful germs. Lacking of sleep and relax will make the children easy to be attacked by flu germs. The children need to sleep more than 7 – 8 hours every night.

7. Avoid bringing children to unnecessary crowds

If the children is suffered the flu by someone, they will have some signs of flu after five days later. Therefore, the parents should avoid children to touch other people with flu symptoms in crowded places if it is not necessary.

8. Apply more fruits and vegetables on children’s meal

Vegetables are the needed food for the children in the cold season as well as during the flu season. The vitamins and minerals that found in the fruits and vegetables help the children’s immune system to prevent the diseases.

9. Let the children play in outdoor regularly

Parents should not think that children will be sick when they play outdoor activities. In fact, fresh air with physical activities will help the children’s health better and against flu germs effectively.

10. Stay the children away from tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke can increase the risk of flu as well as heart disease and cancer for the children.

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